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Deep into the
evening diamonds
everlasting well
of your eyes I fall
feels like I could
Free Fall forever into You...
You are so vast
catch me Lord in that
Absolute Oneness
no death
no rebirth
I wrap myself in a shawl
of prayers
shut out the pain
and suffering
in dark silence
illumined by Your presence
I am
David makes me a friendlier person
sometimes..... I am as aloof
as the Himalayan
mountain range
my head in the ethers
spinning in absolute
sparkling space
glassy stars
pellucid galaxies
cascading around me
my loving hubby
brings me down to earth
I feel the lush loam
warmth of humankind
and gather the world around
my fireplace
singing bhajans
chanting sweet Oms
You're smoking that cigarette
makes me sad
I watch you from the
lobby window of the hotel
framed with crocus plants
breathe in smoke stacks
pillars of poison
puffing into azure ozone
your once pink lungs
crumble like crematory ash
prayers gush from my heart
put out the fire
There's a red tinged
Shiva Moon
adorning the night sky
honeycombs drip in
the sweet sultry air
My Lord is close to me tonight
His starry raven robes
cover me with pure enchantment
I am a tender whisper
in His heavenly caress
In native essence of my heart
nectar rises from
depths unknown
unrestrained sweetness
surges like golden lava
an ancient dweller resides
my Lord of honey bees
and the Universe
amrit trickles continuously....
Catch my kisses

cherry blossoms cascade
after warm summer rains

You've promised to never
leave my side

catch my kisses

and I'll catch Yours
Your robes are splendor of Sun
but the light that emanates
from You is even greater!
I place my lips, vermilion petals
on your golden footprints
taste a glimmer of Your radiance
People were enjoying a respite
from the pandemic on
welcoming ocean shores
Paradise beach was polka dot with people
a pelican skimmed over the water
And a splashy boat surfed
across the aquamarine
waves frolicked gently
thankfully not too rough
David and I held hands as we
eased into the cool, healing waters
Queen of the Sea held us in her
buoyant, billowing arms
rocking us to and fro...
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