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Birds make a joyful noise
Every day their cheerful chirp
Serenades the slumbering world
This morning I joined my brother bluebird
and sister cardinal in joyful carol
What a sweet racket we made
I think we woke up the Divine Mother
Her surreal blue eyes fluttered open
Smiling buoyantly
She blew us a golden kiss
I garland your heart my Swami
with fresh plucked blossoms
garnered from the fields of my soul
a daffodil smile tickling my face
Like teenagers without a care in the world
We stroll along the edge of forever
Thick clouds of sweet incense
rise from brass temple bowls
the tiles are cool under my bare feet
rubies fall from the sky, pink rays
across Your altar
O Hari
the moments are drenched in Your
there is no space between us now
Your breath has married mine
I hear Your voice
on the silk wind

the wind says

I love you
I love you
I love you
Sunrise bathes me with His gold
my complexion has turned a golden hue
my hairs are rays of light now
and lips amber gems
gaze into my eyes beloved
pools of sweet honey swirl
come sit by this blushing lotus pond
and we will sing luminous songs of the Sun
A thunderbolt fell
onto my lap while lounging in
the garden

I scan the skies for a glimpse
of Your saffron robes

The heavens are purple and red
with sunset's blaze

I glimpse Your blue lotus Feet
fire-walking towards
Waves are crashing
around me
by the shore

A storm approaches
in my heart
black clouds gather

I tremble in the
palm of Your
Vast One

I seem so insignificant
so inconsequential
in the great scheme of things
yet You love me
to the moon and back

and yet the
tiniest of creatures
quivers in ecstasy
at the nearness of You
The sky is drunk with the sound of

Birds, all the insects and animals
on the planet are possessed with
the music of Om

I look into your eyes
my friend
and the Om
is glittering there
Why wander the dusty, broken cobbled roads
searching for our Beloved?

He has given His solemn promise
that He is with us always

In the blue of the heavens
spanning out endlessly
wearing a robe of stars
He embraces us

In the depths of our suffering
when pain clouds our mind
and serpents hiss incessantly
He cradles us in His arms
till the fever breaks and
our penance is done

He is our very breath
place your hands
over my heart, Sister
feel the heart throb
of our Beloved
His name dazzles
the void in my heart

Emptiness grows
when He is present

A chandelier of stars,
a million votives and
all the suns in the universe
fly to His feet

O Luminous One
You can never leave me
and I can never leave You
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