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Untitled  Jan 2015
Untitled Jan 2015

Walking outside in the winter
A snowflake falls from the sky
And lands in my palm
It slowly melts as snowflakes do
And I start thinking
Each snowflake is spectacular
And different in its own way
But their lives are so short
Maybe humans and snowflakes
Aren't so different after all

Humans are like snowflakes
Elioinai  Nov 2014
Elioinai Nov 2014

I invite you
study me
I want you
embrace the wonder
I will show you
the snowflake of my soul

Abby Davis  Oct 2014
Abby Davis Oct 2014

I am a snowflake whirling fast towards the ground
my final resting place.
As I fall people notice me
but seldom see my individuality.
Being like no other
I stand out
yet, not enough to be admired for long.

cecelia rae  Nov 2014
cecelia rae Nov 2014

the miniscule, crystallized phenomena
floating down on their zephyr gondola
to the little children's enchantment.
the wintriness nipping at their stamina
produced petite gloved hands pulling tightly at their jacket.
to rollick the day away was their only commandment.
fast forward a few years, and they'll be learning algebra,
their minds drifting away during lectures on parabolas
to the forgotten days of freedom; they lament
the loss of their fragile frostwork taffeta.

Ashley Nicole Nov 2014

I've always hated winter
But the beauty of this snowfall
Made me love this winter wonderland

Cunning Linguist May 2014

I love you Snowflake
I hope you know wherever you float
let the winds carry you home
you can come my way
& melt on my tongue
my little fractal of inspiration
infinitesimally spiraling
& cascading into a blizzard of diamonds
illuminates my mind
This is what divines sung of

Snowflake is my significant other's nickname.
*Update 12/22/14* Thank you for making this my most popular poem.
Ayush B Jan 2016

Few people have heard the story,
Of the first snowflake to make the journey,
To hug and save the heating earth,

He travelled with wind for many miles,
To reach the ground he thought he missed,
He was dead as soon as they kissed.

kaitlyn  Dec 2013
kaitlyn Dec 2013

for once,
say i am a snowflake;
fragile and
awkwardly unique.
but even if i was a snowflake
or not,
i met every time we touch.

My heart is a snowflake in your palm
Beautiful yet fading away
With the trees whispering in my ear
Winter doesn't last forever

My heart is a snowflake in your palm
Sinking into your skin
The coldness a memory of pain
Though soothing like the warm sun

My heart is a snowflake in your palm
Beautiful yet fading away
Evaporated into the wind with a whisper
Winter doesn't last forever

Jan Harak Mar 2015

I looked out the window
and there is nothing left
all the snow is gone
it just melted in the pouring rain

The birds are singing
but the sky is gray
it reminds me of you
where were you yesterday?

Now there is silence in our home
We are one toothbrush short
and your belongings in the hall
make me feel cold with heater on

In midst of this chaos
a miracle occurs
my drowsy eyes make me see
last snowflake of this year

Amelia Jo Anne Jan 2014

i'm broken spaces,
unnamed multitude faces:
see wholes as fractals.

i'm rubbed raw and sore,
i'm dirty waves on the shore:
rampant and rascal.

lost in the spotlight,
yet so defensive for fights:
though impractical.

i'm wanted by you,
yet i question what is true:
you falter and stall.


Your kiss
Is like a snowflake
That doesn't stick to the ground

It can't last forever
But your happy with the time you've gotten

Radoslava  Dec 2015
Radoslava Dec 2015

A single snowflake in the snow. A single snowflake that could start an avalanche.

You can be the change, you can be somebody.
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