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Kennedy Dec 2020
hey, bubby.
i just wanted to see
how you were doing. but, i guess,
this is my answer? it's weird,
in everything that hasn't been said,
i can still hear you loud and clear.
the days are getting shorter,
but they still feel long.
these are trying times, for everyone,
especially for you, though.
i hate seeing you this way,
i hate watching life take its toll on you,
watching the light drain from your eyes.
your smiles have become so scarce.
i want to hear your voice,
did you know i adore our nights together?
sometimes you talk, usually its very angry,
frustrated grumbles of temperatures,
and my moving way too much.
othertimes its sweet, unheard of things.
things i'm truly surprised by.
just the other night, you told me
i am beautiful,
that you like making me smile.
when i began to sniffle you held me,
you said it's okay to cry, especially
with you here for me.

hey, bubby.
now, i know i don't say it a lot,
you know i'm not the best with my words.
thank you.
you have treated me so kindly,
and you have shown me so much.
you, my darling, are so wonderful.
you are the brightest star in the sky,
just as beautiful as the full moon
both, inside and out.
and you're so bright, not just intellectually,
but in the most magical of ways.
you're the reason for analogies to exist.
OpenWorldView Apr 2019
I’m searching
for words.

explaining me.

and those feelings.

of love and fear.

of losing you.

whom I adore.

with all I have.
Umi Feb 2018
The Moon has a gentle light, which he gifts the Earth,
It could be compared to how you talk to a child;
Careful, soft and in a sweet manner
His light doesn't hurt me, which is what I adore,
Therefore, is it bad that I tend to lose myself in his gaze ?
When he rises over me, in a clear, registered pace ?
Without a sound I let go of all troubles, all pain,
As the clouds open and it has stopped to rain,
Many people do want to be the sun to brighten up anothers day,
But not me, this is not something for me to say.
I wish to be alike the moon, brighten up your darkest of times,
And be here, to illuminate tomorrows very way
Tug you into a delicate embrace, like his light tends to do
And be here for you, till I have to rest too.
Even in the coldest of nights, the moon manages to warm my heart
And manages my heart not to just fall apart
Tonight again I will enjoy his light,
After all, I hope he does not leave my sight

~ Umi
Benji James Jun 2017
Late night. Starlight
Bright eyed, Heartbeats
So fast, Breathe in deep
Memories flash, Vivid Dreams
Bright skies, Milky way lights
Oh, girl, you're my shooting star
I'm gonna catch you
Before you hit the ground
Superman flies high tonight
Holds you in his arms so tight
Oh I'm never letting go
No never letting go
I won't watch this picture fade
No time, No moment goes to waste
When it's you and me, lost in each other's minds
Close your eyes, Dream away
To sunny days, Open fields, Waterfalls and grassy hills
Oh I'm never letting go
Never letting go of this
Never letting go of you
All I see is me inside of you

©2017 Written By Benji James
Lunar Jul 2016
Art would last forever
But i learned feelings don't always do
And even if i painted you in hues
With every classic medium of art
This old tradition of painting
You on my canvas
As well, would never last

And even if i used digital art now
Where it would be fast
To bring you back
Reminded me that
This love faded faster
And this advanced way
Of lauding my love for you
Would never really make me move on
Hi nicole i wrote this for you as i stared across the table and you look sad so i decided to write something for you :-)

— The End —