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All I am asking you for
is a hint to your metaphors,
What's written on the papers you tore,
'Cause I always seem to want more
All of them, even neithers and nors.

Another thing I want to enquire,
If you're in a place that's oh so dire,
and need a shrink who's free to hire,
Any work I have, meh, I will retire!
To spur you on, all humour & satire.

If you give me but a glimpse into your world,
Cross my heart I'll show you mine unfurled.
I'm neck-deep into this person, she already knows how i feel. It's been 4 months since my confession, and i still couldn't find a way to get over her. She's found someone and i hope she'll always be happy, so here's a piece to always remember her by. To R. You're the only girl i've ever loved with all my heart, and know that you'll always have a special place in there.
Daisy Marrow Jul 2013
I found you in the cracks of winter. On our first date, we drank tea from cups bigger than our faces. You also told me you wrote poetry. I noticed how every time you would lick your lips before you would speak. The first time you read me a poem your window was open and it was raining. Your voice cracked and you cleared your throat six times. I was smitten. After our third date, I showed you my favorite place in the world. I took you to a bay on the outskirts of town. I told you the stories I carved into the sand a long time ago. I told you I came here every time the world kept turning but I felt as though I've fallen off, waiting for a guitar solo crash or a midnight knock on my window.

I wanted to tell you, you were my midnight knock. You let me hold your book of poems that night. There were bite marks in them from when you said you climbed up in trees back when you were as tall as the kitchen counter. We had conversations of Bon Iver and soccer as we laid on the sandy bay.

I realized that night I wanted to be there with you when the clock swallows up your time and watch indie movies on Netflix when there is nothing good on TV. I turned to look into space and swallowed all my feelings. I felt hollow when I looked at you and noticed your skin was old and tired. But you looked at me like you were young. You said I was the first to make you feel this way. I was smitten.

At first, I looked at you like a star but ended up seeing the whole solar system.
Drew Vincent  Jul 2018
Picture Us
Drew Vincent Jul 2018
I imagine myself with you, M.
I can see myself,  happy with you.

I can picture us on our first date,
laughing so hard we hold onto each other for support.
I can picture us walking together,
admiring all the local shops and galleries our town has to offer.
I can picture us holding hands,
and you holding me as we gaze out at sea.
I can picture us snorkeling together,
and how you'll laugh when I inevitably breathe in the ocean.
I can picture us kissing for the first time,
how our eyes will meet,
and how our hearts will explode with excitement.
I can picture us kissing,
and how our bodies will melt into one.
I can picture myself falling asleep next to you,
and how peaceful I will feel when I wake up beside you.

Most importantly,

I can picture myself falling in love with you.
How wonderful life will be with you to share it with.
I will chase these butterflies forever if it brings me closer to you.
lX0st  Jul 2014
lX0st Jul 2014
The feelings don't hurt much anymore
But the memories are shards of glass
Swirling in my head.
It's like,
I can't feel your touch
But I remember loving it
When you touched me.
And I can't hear your laugh
But I remember how my body
Liquified at the sound.
And I can't see your face
But I remember its beautiful shape
And how you'd smile at me
As I came into view.
I wish I could pretend
That your memory is you.
MARGA  Jul 2018
smitten with you.
MARGA Jul 2018
i know we're already through,
but my heart is still blue.
i know we've had enough,
but darling, i am not that tough.

it's been a long time
since our hearts still rhymed
and everything's over now
but in my life ㅡthere's still no rainbow.

i am still deeply into you,
and i am still smitten with what you do.
you're still the one who gives me chills,
to you i am still  head over heels.

you're still the one my heart yearns,
& moving on is something i never learned.
you are still my reason for everything,
even if for you i am already nothing.
me who still can't move on ㅡ from you.
PYRO  May 25
PYRO May 25
Will I ever recover from my own betrayal
Will I ever learn the lesson without leaving a trail
Will I ever shield my heart against feelings that need be tamed
Will I ever find someone widly into me without driving myself insane

I can't hide how I feel on the inside
Its unfair to myself to lead a stray path
I can't help but lose control and let my mind wonder off
It's unlikely she feels the same but here I am in front of her gate

We spend time together it feels great
Until I'm alone and realise this is not fate
I'm stuck in a ticking time bomb destruction well in place
I cannot face the reality that she does not feel the same

Lately it feels as though we've grown closer
My mind is open my conscious is unclear
I cannot bring myself to accept my fears
Rejection isn't painful it's the after tears

And so I lay here in my bed feeling a bit blue
Thinking of all the scenarios on how to get you
Wrestling my feelings that cause me pain
I know one day things could change but for now all I feel is shame

In these words I speak they come to me like a breeze
You put me in a craze and I'm lost for days
I'm trying to get over you but still in a haze
Counting down the hours till I'm locked in your cage

Just to hear the words you relay to me
Resonate with my heart as it beats
To the point I can't take it anymore
It's taken all I've got not to feel some more

A chance she didn't give me one I'd surely *****
All the broken pieces scattered around the room
I saw my own reflection and immediately felt gloom
It's hard to find the glue to put together something that's not true

The words feel great because she is my muse
I'm wrecking my brain somehow I feel abused
I'm still amused at how she makes me smile
The whole time I just want to her to be mine

I don't often fit in but there is a place
Here in my heart were she makes me feel great
I can't deal with the pace it's moving too fast
So I'd rather be in a space were my eyes are closed and I feel safe
ryn  Nov 2014
ryn Nov 2014
I've stared...
Longingly forever into you
You'd stare back but you never really knew
Hands of hours, minutes and seconds I've shook
All the time I've carelessly took

I've witnessed...
That etched on each one, that amazing smile
A crutch forged of sunrays that had carried me many a mile
It's all that I have to know of you
In this endless chase I've sought to pursue

I've envisioned...
Different ways you'd wear your crown
Various trimmings on lavish gowns
Smitten by the way you sport your paint
The nectarous song sung in your gait ever so faint

I've imagined...
The addictive rise and fall of your every breath
Bringing me back to life after every death
Pulses of sweet nothings that never did ebb
Ensnaring my heart with your silk spun web

I've believed...
You are the queen of my future tale untold
I've felt it so real like verses written in bold
But I've awakened from slumber into terrifying reality
Pains me to realise that you're nothing but
Drew Vincent Jul 2018
You ask me what I'm thinking,
every time my answer is you.

I'm thinking of the way my heart swells when I talk to you.
I'm thinking of how comforting the sound of your voice is.
I'm thinking of the ways I could make you laugh.
I'm thinking of all the different ways your face will light up when you look at me.
I'm thinking of how I can't wait to hold your hand.
I'm thinking of how I'll look into your eyes and know this is right.

I'm thinking of how soft your skin will feel after a shower.
I'm thinking of how our bodies will feel pressed up against one another.
I'm thinking of the ways I want to trace the outline of your body with my fingers.
I'm thinking of how your skin will taste after a dip in the ocean.
I'm thinking of how your lips will taste and if they'll taste just as heavenly every time.
I'm thinking of how kissing you will never get old.
I'm thinking of how our bodies will dance under the night sky.

I'm thinking of how happy you will make me.
I'm thinking of how happy you already make me feel.
I'm thinking of a future with you.
I'm thinking of how easy it is to fall for you.
I'm thinking of how we were destined to meet.
I'm thinking of how the stars are aligned perfectly for us to enjoy life.
I'm thinking of how lucky I am to have a future with you in it.
It's you.
Logan Robertson Aug 2018
Stuffed seals.
Sits shelf,
soaking sunshine,
standing sentry,
soliciting smiles.
Shoppers smitten,
strike smiles,
spending silver.
Storied seals,
send shoppers shrilling.
stitch supplementary shipments,
shaking store,
sustaining sales.
Sales staff splendidly stock shelf.
Such salvation, seals seeks.
Successfully, seashells.

Logan Robertson

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