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May 3rd
His love is better
His love is kind
His love is always patient
It holds no wrong
record in time.
His love breathes life into
my lungs and that’s the only
reason why I am alive.
He takes all my imperfections
and continues to refine.
Oh, the Great Potter
thank you for exposing
the depths of my soul,
the dirtiest parts of me
you call yours
even the ones that
I have tried to hide
the fears that think
they can conquer
me could never because
You already have.
And it’s all because
Of your Love it’s
Healing & It restores
You have my heart
All that I am belongs to
You. May Your
Kingdom come
and Your will be done
King Jesus ❤️
#King #Jesus #Poetry -#Love #Better
Mena Mulugeta Feb 16
time and time again
we’ve trapped ourselves in a box
When this life gives us
multiple opportunities
to now grab our mind
and unlock these locks.
We can’t chain ourselves
to complacency and
root ourselves into
a negative mentality.
They have
physiologically conformed
us to feel what this world
Rooting us In fear
and not faith but anxiety
and insecurity, hatred but
not joy, innovation, and
but depression
and failure don’t you see

they’re working hard
& motivated to define
      our ability.
Do you not see what
they’ve done, how
they are working hard
to steal our identity
by ultimately manipulating
us to think it’s okay
to Sulk into
comparison to others.
I tell you this
that this is the enemy
scheme captivating us
to not experience our
true ability to debilitate
us to not
see our courage
Evolution & journey.

America the Capital of
capitalism has
has compartmentalized
us dividing us,
by our ethnicity, our
nationality even a little
more concerning
engraving that If education
Wasn’t easy all along
It is
not a necessity.
It is not your destiny
to success but
it is a foundation for
change to not
keep us hostage in a
fixed mindset.  
Let’s produce
My beautiful Brown.
please yearn to
Grow in self education.
Don’t you remember
our history our people
Were ripped away from
this privilege we
have right here
our people were
    ripped away
from their heritage
ripped from
their culture
brothers and sisters
don’t be conformed
to ignorance
Educate your mind
feed your soul
what this World
is trying to portray
as whole please please
stay alarmed
my beautiful brown people
Stay woke
Mena Mulugeta Nov 2019
I loved you, and
every bit of I held on.
Until you had me realize
that it was time I broke free.
My wings yearned fly above
all things,
to taste something
that was good for me.
My soul, my spirit
cried day and night
and tugged on the
thought to just let go.
Told me to just leave,
to see what out there
in this lifetime but
to not harden my heart
but, to feel, feel everything.
It was a beautiful call
After all I Met love again.
Mena Mulugeta Nov 2019
Praise belongs
to the Lord
who has
awaken my soul
from death, my
life now is like a sweet
Jesus saves
Mena Mulugeta Oct 2019
Sunshine please continue shine,
In this dark world we need your light.
Your soul has so much to offer this world,
to feed it the creative healing work
the King has taken time to piece
and puzzle together, so that YOU
can see how you’re truly defined.
          Please yearn to reach
          the days in this world
       where your light invades
        in the darkest of places.
Where when you touch you illuminate,
where you speak Gods healings begins to form. His word & Grace makes all new
Yes!! He chose you to perform miraculous
things, all because you chose
         not to dim your light.
Mena Mulugeta Aug 2019
This is a love letter to myself that I’ve never received.
For all the times I almost forgot about my worth crying ,and sleeping anxiously. Merely realized how my heart is honey mashed into gold, and my sweet laugh is the taste of
tiramisu. My eyes sparkle like a shooting star.
I am everything I've ever wanted.
Sweetheart so continue to do you.
Mena Mulugeta Aug 2019
Loving who I’m  becoming
the sound in the steps
i’ve made to progress.
The authenticity I hold
in evolution,I’m welcoming
optimism and gratitude
into the days ahead.
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