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Angela Rose Oct 2017
I did not etch our initials into a tree
That was so common, so typical
Our love was not
Instead, I carved our initials into a rock
True love
Rocks don’t die, they don’t wither away when they aren’t given enough sunlight or water and pass on on the night
Rocks do not get chopped down when nobody is looking and disappear without remnants
Our love was timeless
Young love seemed so juvenile to what I felt
Is that even a thing anymore?
I thought it was when I was fifteen
Our love was definite, never ending
The letters you wrote me every day for an entire summer
The umbrella you delivered in the midst of a rainstorm
The lyrics to “You Are My Sunshine” posted against my window at 6 AM
The endless songs and medleys you wrote in my honor
Rocks do not pass on in the night and leave you hanging
Rocks are permanent
So I thought

As it goes, rocks die too
Rocks have a life span of at most thirty six hours
Despite contrary belief rocks die as well
Just like our love
Olivia-Grace Feb 2016
One day they're going to forget about you.
They're going to move on.
One day they're going to disappear.
They're going to be long gone.

One day they're going to be with someone else.
They're going to start a family.
One day they're going to have everything.
They're going to be happy.

One day they're going to sit and think.
They're going to be listening to music in their car.
One day they're going to hear your favorite song.
They're going to wonder where you are.

One day they're going to see that the lyrics finally make sense.
They're going to think they should have noticed before.
One day they're going to see the connection.
They're going to realize you're the one they're meant for.

One day they're going to have sadness growing in their hearts.
They're going to try and blame fate.
One day they're going to feel the pain.
They're going to be already far too late.
Ignatius Hosiana Jul 2015
There's this song that played from the start
One that reminded me of you being the one
A song I hear deep down my big heart
With a melody that said "dare if you can"

There's this bird that whistles in my head
A bird with beautiful colors and feathers
One that reminds me that ain't dead
As tomb-like darkness of loneliness gathers

There's a river I cross to country from city
A river that flows over rapids and falls
One whose beauty steals my self pity
Sending impuses of hope and courage calls

There's this road you and I walked long enough
Where I pass when sad to remember how beautiful you laugh
A sonnet a day keeps loneliness away :))
Naaliah Green Jun 2015
monday @ 2.30 a.m*
my eyes are bloodshot and my words are slurred.

tuesday @ 4.50 p.m
do you remember how our bodies used to fit whenever we slept?

wednesday @ 8.00 p.m
I was so close to calling you, but the thought of actually having to tell you how I feel terrifies the **** outta me.

thursday @ 12.37 a.m
you just texted me back and I don't know the words to say to make you stay.

friday @ 11.05 p.m
i could've seen you tonight but instead im sitting in bed crying over the stupid things you once said.

saturday @ 1:25 p.m
i think it's time i forgot you...

sunday @ 6:37 a.m
i can't forget matter what i do. i can't my mind off of you. it's sad, but true

— The End —