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Naveen Malhotra Oct 2020
It was an evening walk
Idyllic setting
Beatific smiles
Slowly and steadily
They were walking
Sherlock wandering
Zig-zag Zig-zag
Fresh breeze
Streamlining on the faces
Fear wasn't even in traces
Suddenly there was breathlessness
His body was sweating
She could sense the danger
Rushed him to nearby hospital
Doctors there showed the Covid -19  protocol
Asked her to take him elsewhere
His best friend, the anger,
Came to fore
He taught the doctors
What's protocol
What's not protocol
In a minute they were in line
Oxygen mask was on the face
ECG was making a trace
In the meantime
She informed her uncles and aunts
Who happen to be top class doctors
Immediately a well equipped
Ambulance was arranged
He was shifted to nearest Superspeciality Hospital
Cardiac Care Unit for him was the heaven.
Cardiologist did his best and he survived
For the time being he's the winner
All for he has a brave daughter
This isn't an old story
Day before yesterday's fury
Amanda Kay Burke Mar 2019
Your quiet words are comfort
Your smile is a key
To the things inside the center of my heart
To the deepest parts of me

Believe me I am grateful for
Your uncertain yet blissful company
Love the way you talk and feel
How you listen, think, touch and see

I want to kiss by a lamppost
Under stars and in the rain
Want to kiss you everywhere
Sorry if that sounds insane

Your soul meets mine and something stirs
Awakening feelings never before had
This breathlessness is a welcome change
Either I'm in love or I've gone mad
I know something we both can do
First I gotta be alone with you
I want you so bad
Boy you drive me mad
Kyla Plummer Jan 2019
She says she wants to
End this life and be in the next
Says she's sick of always breathing.
And rather death.
Endless wordplay till she loses breath.
Again and again.

Afraid she is to go
Outside. For
No one knows what
The darkness hides.
A flooded mask she wears.
In the midst of the lonely.
The place of her soul it
Begins to taste, take-
And endless lullabies she
Sings to console her heart.
But pain it brings.

For pain knows no bounds.

Swallows her whole.
Jake Sullivan Oct 2015
I can feel their gazes
the strange look on their faces
their eyes black and still
and when I look at myself
mine just trace the cracks
I can feel their gazes

the sun heats the ground
my forehead sweats, it aches
I stumble on nothing, I fumble smiles
the sun heats the ground
and I fumble smiles,
and I stumble on

behind me, behind me
goosebumps, on my neck
under my blue fleece jacket, and scarf,
hands in, and out, of pockets
such inconveniences when I need to hold them
behind me, behind me

the air sings?, flattening each note?
the atmosphere, gets,,, caught,
in my, grasp, in my,,, lungs,
behind me?, behind, me?,
I can feel?, their gazes,
?smiles?, I fumble, on,
?and I stumble on,
Impulzez Nov 2012
Beyond the butterfly feelings

In the whirlwind of our intimacy
A full option sensual desire
Distance distancing distance
All at once till we hit the ******
The zenith of pleasures and feels
Like the breakthrough of Miracles
Sounds of Soughs, ex and in hales
Hot Moments of breathlessness
Scratches of speechlessness
Mouth agape, dead-in-moments
long squeezes, short grips, sweats
Body vibrating, breath whispering
Emotions revealing, turn ons
Passions imploding, hard ons
Intense kinetic motions of kardias
Slippery shining fleshy mammalians
Till the moment of implosion: ******
That sweet ecstasy moment when
all that exists is what you feel

— The End —