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Tizzop Dec 2019
"he-ll-o beau-ti-ful, i-am-a-ro-bot" a manly robot said.
let's call him LIAM.

"o-my-that-can't-be-a-co-in-ci-den-ce" the mate of
his electronic soul, a womanly robot, answered. her name was EMMA.

"well-i-think-eve-ry-thing-should-be-fi-ne-then", liam
reciprocated. "we-can-go-now."

emma's robotic face glowed in red colors.
"hmmmmh... i-am-not-so-su-re-ab-out-that", she told liam.


"nor-mal-ly-, a-ro-bot-wo-uld-not-act-as-hu-man-ly-as-yo-u-a-re-do-ing. how-e-ver, i-on-ly-told-yo-u that-i-wo-uldn't-be-so-su-re."

liam's entire construction started to beam with joy:

"do-es-this-me-an that-yo-u-want-me?"

emma smiled at liam.

"yo-u-bet!" she shouted in happiness.
soon, the two robots became one. and they never were separated.

robotic love lasts forever.
Liam Clare Dec 2019
The look on his face
I knew he was dead
It was filled
With blood of red
That made me sink
Into the thoughts of rose pink
Onto the brink of this darkened world
That left the dreams unfurled
And the storms had twirled
My brain had burned
With this darkened wretched world
The mind of this person had been "burned" or marked and changed forever. Witnessing the death of someone during war changed him forever. He will never be the same witnessing that blood of red. Realizing the world was plagued and his mind had "burned" along with the dark and wretched world.
Liam Clare Nov 2019
His injured hand bleeds
As he became with greed
A simple change to him
For a large exchange
His mind is a stray
The greed is at play
The money weighs
His mind is broken
His words are spoken
Greed is an omen
That I like so very golden
The money changes his mind, takes away from him turns him into something hes wasn't. He is unable to change.
Katie Wilson Apr 2019

Noel sits
and strums
and picks guitar

a masterpiece
within his mind
within his soul
one that will
live forever

while Liam prowls
and hangs
monkey like
his hair and
beard are long
his beady eyes alive

each a spark
each a light
that sometimes
comes to blows
and fights

I shut my eyes
and listen
no other sound
Liam hopson Sep 2018
Starring into the eye
of an ancient spy glass
Hopeful of a Vision of a time now past
A vision of life not dictated by the ruling class
A life not cruelly robbed
  Because you are working class
Lens fully focused
so everything becomes clear
It shows a man with great balance
It shows a man with no fear
It shows a man who has a chance
It shows a man with a defiant stance
Hopefully it's me has looking at.
John Bartholomew Feb 2018
Touring the cities of England and the UK
Back of a transit van, rocking up to anywhere that paid
The brothers Grimm and their trusty cohorts
Bonehead on rhythm, McCarroll on drums, Guigsy up to all sorts

That gig at the Wah Wah, King Tuts to be precise
Glasgow you beauty, **** the next show up in Fife
The man that found them, a mister Alan McGee
A Britpop revolution, all great memories

They came and most failed, that one gig on Top of The Pops
Menswear to Mansun and an array of rank haircuts where the seagulls did flock
We had the trendies in Camden all hanging around on their scooters with parka’s
Noel or Liam and that fella from Echobelly, anything to be famous and get on the telly

But then the times must end and it all turned a little sour
A few trudged on with an album or two, the Manics to Cast and the lyrics from John Power
Patsy and Liam had that cover on the front of Vanity Fair
Draped in Britannia, divorce on the cards, strange how no-one now cares

Good times they were without a worry in the world and a now gone era
Euro 96, Southgate’s miss and those goals from Teddy and Shearer
A time well remembered and days I’d love to see back
If not only for the music but for the not caring and the unforeseen great craic

Not to hate the now as times move on
But a day in the past, served at seventeen and to claim you were the one
Not to be asked I.D. and sneakily drink that Stella
laughing at the bar, king of the blaggers, not to be served again by that same fella

Before the phone and the apps, we used to meet face to face
Girl at the bar, a bit of blarney and a home number to suit, always up for the chase
Do you ring tomorrow and who’s going to answer
Her mum might be alright, but her dad could be a ******!

I couldn’t imagine doing it all again now
Swipe left to say no or right to give it a go
Seems inhuman to me not to spark up a chat
But maybe that’s just me, stuck in past, I’m just old hat.

A sphincter says what? - Wayne's World
Mariah Langton May 2015
Liam James could hear all the voices.
Talking and judging all of his choices.
He just smiled and shook his head.
They didn’t know what was ahead.

He walked the streets alone.
Never really minding that he was on his own.
He thought about his plan and grew grim.
And wondered if anyone would know it was him..

He looked back at his younger days.
Before he experienced all of the pain.
He thought about all of his old friends
And how they all turned their backs.

And then Liam James took out his gun.
It would all be worth it in the long run.
The shots rang out one by one.
Killing the ones who had made him come undone.
Anna Claxwell Apr 2015
I want something real in this world of fake
I want something simple in this world of mess
I want something true in this world of false
I want something sweet in this world of sour
I want something loving in this world of hate
I want something pretty in this world of ugly
I want a Liam in this world of Marks
elShu Feb 2015
He is the first thing that comes in my mind
In the morning and even at night
His deep brown eyes takes me away
Watching the same video as I replay
Is this love?
or is it  'obsession'?
As one of my friend would say.

But I know what this feeling is
This pure original sensation
Makes my stomach jump
And my heart warm
It is an emotion that I can not describe
This deep affection deep inside.

I think its called 'love'
But I also think its more than that.
Four words can't describe this feeling
This devotion is Beyond.

I love you Liam.
This is my first poem so don't laugh.

I love him so much I'm gonna **** myself bye.
Kiah Griffin Feb 2015
I hate you a lot, as in
  periodically rather than
    continuously because you keep me up
      at night.

      Either in my thoughts or on my
     phone you seem to be present near
    enough all the time and it sickens
   me to say this but when you say
  that I love you, you're probably

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