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Nina Sep 18
I am still patiently waiting
for the day to come
where I wake up
and smile
kinda sad idk recouvering
You ask me to stay young, but think maturely,
You want me to behave like an adult but treat me like a child,
You expect me to be emotional, but shut me down when I am.

You take my words as stupid and irrational,
when all my teachers listen.
Why would you even send me to school,
if you won't listen to my educated beliefs?

My friends say I'm smart and pretty and kind, responsible and fun
My family treats me like I'm rebellious and stupid.
And my sister calls me fat and mean and boring.
It's so hard to like what I am when everyone I love,
tells me different information.
Mouthing memories of
dumpster feasts.
Wandering or sleeping
in backs of cars or
tucked up into
cold carboard beds.
No warmth and lullabies
just harm, harm, harm.

Abruptly at the doorstep
with garbage bag suitcases.
Talons, overgrown and sharp,
dig up wonderbread skin;
clawing at what has burrowed there.
Smearing up their faces-
war paint so red, red, red.

Narcaned neonates
with powerranger prayers.
Echoing mockingbird profanity
in hollow, hungry mouths-
battle cries and spit.
Playing war in the backyard,
consequences for keeps.

Thin arms and legs sprawl, alien,
decorating the floors with despair.
Spilling out of doorways like lamplight.  
Moving in the night as
feral things do.
Cooing out “mother?”
As I pass in the dark.
ravyn Dec 2018
i feel like theres
a thousand
rubber bands,
compressing my soul and
at any moment and
any wrong movement
i might bust open,
letting my tears ooze out and
my thoughts burst
away from me in a
spectacular show of force from the rubbery stress that has surrounded me.
(For All Fathers, and Nurses too.)

Dispensing meds to heal the hurt,
He never treats us like some dirt
But takes the time to laugh and joke.
And always with a gentle stroke.

Such goodness from a gallant heart.
And thus we call him King Edward.
The kindest soul who's ward, I  find,
Is a kingdom (within his mind).

I pray God that your goodness goes
Around the world both to and fro
To ease the feeble, here and there,
From all the throes of life's despair.

Kudos to Father's everywhere.
And "praise" for nurses that do care.
For Edward Robinson (RN), my new friend at OS Tybee on this beautiful Father's Day 2018.

Revised July 1, 2018. In order to make this poem a "Sonnet," like it was intended to be, the last two verses (having been mistakenly omitted) are now added.
SangAndTranen Mar 2018
Mirror mirror on the wall
How dare you show me that face
I am disgusted the image displayed
'Tis one I must replace.

Mirror mirror on the wall
Turn away from me
Don't highlight my eyes or the curve of my lips
I don't want to see.

Mirror mirror on the wall
You ambush me every time I come in.
There she is, glaring in glassy grey
The woman with a face of sin.

Mirror mirror on the wall
I'll drape a veil over you
Just like I do myself every day
You can be a mourner too.

Mirror mirror on the floor
Look at your warped shards of me
A fit of anger, a rage of hate
I have won, and I.
Inspired by a line from a song called "Hungry For Another One" by JTMusic
Fiel Jan 2018

My mind right now is empty like a blank slate

— The End —