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Fiel Jan 2021
There's nothing left to say
Everything felt hollow
Like empty glass bottles
Left lying around the corner
Waiting to be shattered and thrown

Time passed and I saw shards scattered
All over the place, this unlikely image
A phantom of what was once a lovely figure
That painted smiles to the faces of many
And served as a crying shoulder
To those who were broken and hurt

The image echoed through my head
As realizations dawned upon me
I took a glimpse at the mirror
And what I saw on the reflection
Was a figure of an empty glass bottle
Standing in front of me
It's been a year, I finally took the courage to write again...
Fiel Jan 2020
The Truth is,
I am the Earth and You are the Sun
And I revolve around You
Without You, everything would be in chaos
The Earth would be a dark and cold planet
A lifeless ball of ice,
You are the Sun that warms me
And your warm gives me life,
I am the Earth and You are the Sun
And this is my way of saying Good night.
Bonne nuit Adeliz
Fiel Feb 2019
This fantasy of mine
That you and I together
Dancing in the meadow
While the rain falls over our head
Jumping over the puddles
Catching our breath
Entangling you within my arms
My embrace keeps you warm
And with your touch I feel secure
As we gazed on each other
Your eyes dream of tomorrow
While waiting for the sun
To shine its ray again
Pressing my lips on your forehead
My hands on yours
And yours mine
Realizing again that it was all just a fantasy.
Fiel Jan 2019
Your love is my light
The light that keeps me away
From the monsters inside my closet
Will you be my light?
Fiel Jan 2019
It is like traversing the path unknown

You can go by groups, by dyad or alone

If you want it to be real move out of your comfort zone

Because in this journey you will not always sit on a Golden throne.
#Life is hard #πνεῦμα
Fiel Dec 2018
Zeal is vital in life
Yearn for it like a lion who stalks its prey
Resist anything that comes in your way
And it’s guaranteed that your struggles will pay
Hearken my friend, yearn for it and pray.
#Passion #Devotion
Fiel Oct 2018
Everything went smoothly
I would  say to myself that it's fine
But that thinking of mine changed
By the passing of time
Why did you have to leave me?
And now I'm stuck in this bottomless pit

How long will I have to wait?
I am getting tired of this state
Your warm embrace
Your gentle smile
How I long to feel it
One more time
Just one more...
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