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(For All Fathers, and Nurses too.)

Dispensing meds to heal the hurt,
He never treats us like some dirt
But takes the time to laugh and joke.
And always with a gentle stroke.

Such goodness from a gallant heart.
And thus we call him King Edward.
The kindest soul who's ward, I  find,
Is a kingdom (within his mind).

I pray God that your goodness goes
Around the world both to and fro
To ease the feeble, here and there,
From all the throes of life's despair.

Kudos to Father's everywhere.
And "praise" for nurses that do care.
For Edward Robinson (RN), my new friend at OS Tybee on this beautiful Father's Day 2018.

Revised July 1, 2018. In order to make this poem a "Sonnet," like it was intended to be, the last two verses (having been mistakenly omitted) are now added.
We are the Men who drop our pants!

We are the Men who drop our pants!
We are the Men who drop our pants!
We are the Men who drop our pants!

at our age
we can,
Mother's Milk,
-feel no Whistles or Bells?

A river my poor state of mind,
feelings' worded
but I am home.

I wish to feel a bit more?
To expiate this Trollop!
-or boiled
I stew...

And finally,
yes finally...
...shall I **** the little Gnome?

Jackie Mead Jan 2018
There was a handsome man named Elvis
Who had a wriggly pelvis
He shook, rattled and rolled and lo and behold
The man with loose hips became famous
Big Elvis fan, on way to Memphis tomorrow 4 nights at Gracelands on 8th January and then onto New Orleans, sooooo excited
Torin Apr 2016
I aspire
To nothing higher
Than to bring light into your world
A fire
Out of control
That keeps you warm

I want to be your favorite song
Because you know that I was written for you

I become
Not a strum from some guitar
But chords in your mind I play with
Sweet music
I cannot help but create
To let you know that you are loved

I want you to be my biggest fan
Because it matters if you sing along

— The End —