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Bethany Oct 19
how do i witness these seasons again,
without you, the one who changes them.
Bethany Oct 9
so long as i live i am cursed,
God does not grant me grace though i scream to Him.
the red spews quietly; i look up heaven, only to find that it’s buried deep.
Bethany Oct 2
the purple mornings of autumn reside heavily in the heart,
as it is a time of change.
light now scarce much as myself, those shadows may never rest.
within this brisk domain i may perish among the leaves.
Bethany Sep 15
now it’s broken bliss,
as my blood pours over from yesterday.
never finding solace from god,
he tore my flesh away.
Bethany Aug 15
to be thrown to the wolves, or am i that wolf.
to be thrown in the garden, or am i the flowers.
to know oneself is blurry - am i the prophecy, or am i the omen.
Bethany Aug 11
the deep, charcoal sky framed their faces - masking our surroundings, feeling more like a fever dream, which is the closest to facing reality.
the flat shore glazed by the low tide; like a glass cover moving over the perfectly patterned curves of the sand underneath.

nocturnal; we felt, as we laughed, alone, and together on the shallow end of infinity.
Bethany Aug 5
the wet pool glimmering in the crease of an inner elbow,
like the sliver of water splitting between land.
the fires we start with the gifted limbs of the oak and birch and pine.
direct energy of the sun above, who decided to grant passage.
the never ending transformations,  
just as the clouds floating above shift and shape through each fleeting moment.
#nature #summer #humans #sunmerpoems #reflections
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