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muteD Jan 22
The darker the darkness,
the crazier the thoughts.
That little piece of meat,
a sectioned off part of my brain breeds pain.
It specializes in it
and in reminders.
Like a calendar
but this one ties you in
your own personal electric chair.
Each reminder,
Each charge,
Each word
reverberates throughout your entire body.
It brings pain.
Brain pain,
the only thing I truly know.
The only thing I was force to learn.
I wish I could unlearn the things in my brain,
remove the whole thing
and start from scratch.
Must find a way out,
Need to find my way out
of this inescapable maze of my mind.
Even if all that is left to remember me by
is a splatter on a wall.
These are 2am thoughts. Starting to realize I have a love/hate relationship with what lies in the dark and darkness itself.
Andrew Rueter May 2017
Deep connections are made
Labels cut them like a blade
They say I have abandonment issues
Is it so wrong to miss you?
They say I'm co-dependent
And I should be mo' repentant
But I am the moon
And you are the Earth
And our love is the sun

Here in the logical place
Everything revolves around the revolver
A religion of hate
Enforced by the state
We live in a world that makes us love to feel ashamed
And ashamed to feel love

Then the name of the game
Becomes watching the shame light a flame
In the fires of passion
Our love burns
Like a matchstick
But then the fire runs out
Our love sputters from the spout
And I'm stuck cleaning your extinguished rubble
The steam rises from my heart
Like the smoke from a revolver
I never meant to involve you
In the maze of my desires
One path led to you
The other was where I retired
To contemplate my life
And those that hate me
They are the sun
And I am the Earth
Their hatred is my moon and it revolves around me constantly
Brandon Conway Jul 2018
I've inherited a loaded revolver
from my dear ole father

Each .375 has its own name

             apathy       covetousness
   cowardice                misanthrope              
         misogyny      narcissist

Pa shot himself
Ma never taught me how to unload a gun
Solaces Oct 2016
Rogers Lason: Horse: Shy Raven..
At long last I can be at peace.. And my peace is not having peace.. I hunt this side of the world as 1 of 4.. I have not run into any of the other 3.. I must say, they must have something in common to me.. Reguardless, I will hunt the hellshadow.. Thats what I call them.. I have become part of an order that has hunted these nightmares throughout the ages.. This is my first entry into the Hyperion Archive..

Day 1, Year 1889, Month 10..

Weapons: 2x U.S. Revolver, Caliber .38, M1892
Helios transformmation
2X U.S. Revolver, Hyper automatic Leviathan wave series S.AWAY..
The hunt begins.
Viseract Aug 2016
A flash, a crack,
Twirling smoke
Sharp smell of powder
On the fume, slight choke

A flick, a twirl,
A clinking sound
Empty shells
Upon the ground

Don't even try
I'm locked and loaded
Accidentally deleted the original, so I had to try and re-write it. I apologise!
Viseract Apr 2016
Empty shells
Filled with hurt
I load them all
And go bezerk

Hold the revolver
To my head
How much pain
Until I'm dead?

Every day
I reload
This empty shells
I unload

Listen to them click
To the floor
Wondering if I
Can take it anymore!
Life's daily struggles.... much like Russian Roulette, with all six bullets loaded
Frank Ruland Jan 2015
One voice said, "Have a few beers."
A second said, "We're nothing to fear."
Another said, "Stab 'em dead."
A fourth one said, "It's all in your head!"

I... I just don't know! How far are they willing to go? I woke up on Friday to a Saturday Night Special! The bullets were in my hand, but was I ready to cross the threshold?

One more said, "Hey, it's alright."
A sixth voice said, "Get it done tonight."
Yet another whispered, "The die are loaded with sin."
And an eighth just said, "Let me in."

******* if I wasn't drunk. I wanted to spin the wheel, but I ain't ever had no luck. I try so hard, but the will is being bled. My walls are white, but soon they might take a dark shade of grey and red.

The ninth shouted, "Boy, what's wrong?!
One more yelled, "This is your song!
An eleventh declared, "We won't stop till your mind is blown!"
A final voice screamed, The seeds are already sewn! *

So there I was, with fate in my hand. I knew exactly what they had planned. The ******* thought they had won, but I put my six-shooter down and waited for  the sun.
The overall feel of this was inspired by Rob Zombie's latest album! It was great. It's not about suicide or anything, but... track number six really stuck with me! Check it out. Oh, and if you're having suicidal thoughts, don't do it. There's a lot to live for. Positive thoughts, people!
Eric Grief Apr 2014
I'm high on gun
High for fun
'Tis no joke, no pun
To be higher than the sun.
In my right hand
Laws of physics and science
I do not understand.
Recoil, reload
Revolve around a barrel
Gunpowder, ash,
Blood-stained apparel.
I'm high on gun
So high on my horse
I'm high for fun
Scratchy larynx, voice hoarse.
I'm high on gun
Shooting at random
Don't care who I hit
But wait! Now I'm crammed in.
This purgatory.

This purgatory.
But wait!

— The End —