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trf Oct 2017
i woke this morning and sung the blues,
tired eyes couldn't fathom this phantom news.

fire breathing out of his window pane,
in my dream, thought i'd merely gone insane.

fictitious facts dawned on me,
my heart scrambled for her recipe.
                          So i turned it all off and ran away,
           the twenty four hour cycle versus my ten pound nemesis,
                               can't bear this brunt day after day,
            redemption songs need momentary bliss.

trust in me as trust in you,
find my flaws....... don't perfect them.
a little boy, i'll re-main true,
cease the fire A-gainst the wind.
casualties can't be subdued,
mind the dice........but don't **** out.
there's no ice that seems to dew,
extinguish flames, round your bout.

                                     Be on my side, I'll be on your side.
                                     Be on my side, I'll be on your side.
                                     Be on my side, I'll be on your side.
                                     Be on my side, I'll be on your side.

TRF                                              TENtwoTW­OthousandSEVENTEEN
Mysidian Bard Nov 2016
After many years
You and I come face to face
To settle the score
Viseract Aug 2016
A flash, a *****,
Twirling smoke
Sharp smell of powder
On the fume, slight choke

A flick, a twirl,
A clinking sound
Empty shells
Upon the ground

Don't even try
I'm locked and loaded
Accidentally deleted the original, so I had to try and re-write it. I apologise!
JR McFadden Dec 2015
This is a stick up,
Your eyes glint in the shade of a low drawn long brimmed hat.
Cold steel looms like a deadly reaper waiting to unleash six hot hounds of ****.
Hair pinned love.. the hammer creeks as your finger kisses the trigger.
"I didn't have to be like this" the words leave my mouth dry as wind blown sand..
"It was going to be mine or yours, and I'm not losing mine again"  you growl and I knew that this was the only way.
Heaven help the one who sacked your treasure,
I plunge my hand deep into my chest and tear out my gem.
Like a whip ***** cobra you ****** it,
Crimson ribbons stream from my frozen hands.
"I'll be back for that someday" I wince; barely managing to get the words out.
You holster your pistol and grin as you turn and walk away..
"I wouldn't steal your heart, if I didn't want you to come get it"
Jason Cole Jun 2015
His shadowy brim tipped down and in
No face to place, no trace of chin
Revolver cradled loose and low
Cylinder whirs, chambers roll

Trench coat long, dark, and lean
Black boots gleam with choicest sheen
Right hand rested 'round bony grips
Left hand fans and never slips

Who are you?
What do you want from me?
Why are you here?

Your purpose is hidden
Your message unclear

Never a word muttered
Not even a sound
It's always the same
When you come around

Got to find my keys
Get out of this place
I'm weak in the knees
My heart losing pace

Jump in the car
Pedal meets metal
Check my rear-view
For signs of that devil

At the stoplight
A peripheral glance
A sideways glint
A figure askance

Shotgun rider
A figment with a plan
The devil may care
But my mind made the man

— The End —