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Michael T Chase May 2021
The soul is Calabi-Yau
every quality of topological string theory
correlates to the workings of my consciousness.

String theory,
I used to refuse,
but from topological soul,
to spacetime soul,
finally to what is here expressed.
Leah Dec 2019
Your heart has a question to ask,

My love

Come and sit down with me.

I can explain things the best that I can

My love

Because I truly do want you to see.

You've asked why we can't be at one

My love

And you pine for what the answer will be.


There was just us in the beginning of time

My love

I gave to you endlessly.

It went on like this millions of years

My love

But there was someone you were longing to be.

You asked to be more like myself

My love,

To have the power to love endlessly.

And not just continue to take from

My love

But give it all back to me.

As soon as I give you this chance,

My love

To conquer this world on your own,

My love

You created a moment in time,

My love

A moment that we could define,

My love

And without history before or future to come,

Existence turned on its axis, and from that was sprung,

A million shards of stardust with delicate strings,

Cast out into the universe to become every thing.


You deserve ultimate perfection,

My love

You asked to work for this on your own,

But things don't go in just one direction,

My love

Those delicate shards of stardust may stray far and wide,

Adventuring life,

Developing pride,

Forgetting their roots the farther away,

But those strings will begin to tighten one day,

And all the burden and strain and strife that you bear,

Will only make you more able to share,

In the absolute perfection of being aware,

Of the intricate depth of

My love


You will have to get to the end of the rope

My love

And then you will actually see,

That it's more like an elastic band

My love

Drawing you right back to me.

The pieces collect,

And lock back to place,

In this beautiful vessel in a beautiful place,

And we'll call that place heaven, to paint a picture in your mind,

And when it's time...


You and I together, will simply be

My love

Where the lover and loved become free

My love

You will come back to me

My love

And together we will love endlessly.
A conversation with god about the beginning of time, love, the Big Bang, string theory, desire and The Human Experience. In essence, and very simply describing how the laws of physics and gravity will draw all of the scattered puzzle pieces back together into the complete vessel once again once everyone reaches the proverbial end of their rope hahaha
Derrick Jones Jun 2019
We are like resonating strings
We crave what resonating brings
Matching our vibrations
With audiovisual sensations

Rapid reverberations
Expand and cross nations
Transmit like radio stations
These vibes deny explanation

We seek community
Where we can truly be
The truest form of “me”
Totally friction free

Grooving to the moving
Jiving to the beat
Dancing to the music
Feeling so complete

We are energy looking for a path
A certain resonance frequency
That could be conveyed with math…
But that would be indecency

Instead we name it differently
We call it personality
But to put it honestly
We are atoms in reality

A pattern, a frequency
A string reverberating
Looking to vibrate freely
Liquid, liberating

So go with your intuition
Follow the beat of your own drum
Find your ideal situation
Your part of the continuum
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Lyn Jul 2018
i like to think that you're still out there,

happy and well,

even if it's just in a parallel universe,

with another version of me.
what a waste Oct 2015
Gridlocked teeth keep gritting
Blistered cheeks keep splitting
A ******* freak who keeps spinning
I think they think I'm thinking
My dreams are drowning
I think they think I'm quitting
Ice Giants wage war
My hands are losing
Mythical beings try science
My nerves are bruising
If my life was a string
Their theory would be confusing
AD Mullin Sep 2014
Have you ever tried pushing on a string?

In a potlatch, Tlingit leadership would show respects to the fallen by giving away all their wealth

Strings attached of course

Pushing might not work but pulling certainly does
This ones been in the *** stewing for a while...still evolving

— The End —