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Harry Roberts Jul 2017
The price,
Double to thrice.

Mice still blind,
Twice across sliced
Bound and Diced.

Heart's heavy carts
Falling to parts,
Full of false starts.

Full of Fool Stars
And dreams
And empty of scars
I crawl from empty bars.

Ice was priced
It doubled then thriced,
In a sorrowful heist

You blinded mice,
Greed doubled twice
When you played the heist.
Cryptic like I like it.
Demons to so many are simply metaphors
Symbols of our darker side
A rational mind may discern what is real
Even with spectres seen and voices heard

Seemingly real what our senses feel
We can swear that we heard a disembodied voice
Or saw a ghost or spirit
But they may be an illusion
Our eyes and ears do play
Tricks on our minds
Like hysterical blindness being all in the head

As in dreams by night
Perhaps these things
Are conscious dreams by day--
Our minds trying to tell us something
In its own symbolic and abstract way
Just as real as physical symptoms
Deeply rooted in the mind

It has been said that your perception is your reality
If so, these things are then your personal reality
These things may be real
But only to you
Or whoever is in your headspace
Or our collective headspace
Where our senses peak

Your reality or your orientation is defined
By what you focus on
And what you look through
Day after day--
You truly are what you eat

But are the negative effects of what you see
Compounded by further distorted perception?

Are you focusing on something through

     <A spider web-cracked window?
     <A spider’s web built across your
     <A fogged-up or frosted window?
     <A coloured or tinted window?
     <A *****  smudged window?
     <A window partially or totally obscured
            By bushes or trees?        
     <A window at night where what you
            See beyond the window is 
            Superimposed with your own
            Reflection and that of
            Objects and lights that are               
            Behind you in the room?
     <A window with the blinds closed?
     <Are you trying to look through just
             A picture of a window hanging on
                        Your wall?  
Whatever windows we peer through
Or whenever we enter
Humankind’s collective and connected
We see and hear these demons and spectres
Dancing through the dark empty rooms
And hallways of mind

Waiting for the right time
To bring the party to the light of day
Where they will forever stay
Since we have been inviting them
And have been preparing the way for them
For a very
Long time

                               --Daniel Irwin Tucker
smokesMbowls Feb 2017
Have you seen the fishes of the deep blue sea,
Have you swam through the stars and galaxies,
Ive been keeping track but baby dont ask me,
Ive been slipping in between realities,

Staring right into the sun for way too long,
Grasp at all the little thoughts before their gone,
Steal a smile from the moon and then move on,
The seasons still seem to change so how could i go wrong,

What if i start to laugh before you talk,
Have you even had a chance to read my thoughts,
Its hard to stay even when youre odd,
Ima go ahead and loose myself before im lost,
Austin May 2016
is funny to me
whether used for
or birth
or wealth
or justice
or death
or parking tickets
or wiping *******

it turns up/under/over
in forms of little folded airplanes
which land themselves on all those dimensions
of your life.

I find it all funny
Nick Moser May 2016
Some people just don't win the big one.

And that's not fair.

It's not fair that some people work so hard to accomplish something, only to fail at it in the end.

It's not fair that people who like other people so much aren't liked back.

It's not ******* fair that some people feel their hearts literally break into a thousand pieces over love.

Over affection.

Over attention.

Over someone else.

It's not fair at all the way some of us have to live our lives sometimes.

Because sometimes,

Some people just don't win the big one.

And I'm one of them...
These are some hard times.
Kunal Kar Apr 2016
A beautiful understatement
to see your hair graze your face,
startled but still treading,
in the soul red of your lipstick.
What life has been,
No more than a series of random anomalies.
How those trivial pocket-sized pieces,
tied in to envisage
to fix this inanimous reality.
How wayward me
lost in this purposeless dream,
at random to meet you,
augmented closer to declare,
the love people just theorize.
How life started for me after you.
Leal Knowone May 2015
Scared from my bush with no name
They will brain wash the impaired
Such hefty goals they hide behind
Filling the holes you dug in their mind
Empty structured used to hold our souls
Constantly Walking down dank desolate halls

Feeling a strange comfort, yet impending doom
With every minute creeping closer to death
I do hope you cherish your last few breath
Soon all deranged intent reveals itself
You'll Find the TRUTH in finding yourself
Nothingness, the curtain closes over us

Pay to live, live to pay, pay to pray
Go down the line of our institutions
The line dead ends at supposed reality
Know now the solutions to vanity,
will come in due time. Ending your time
Minds grave stayed a *****, ***** to stay

Walk the grey line.
Brain wash the impaired
The Morbid thoughts
Brain washed society
Do  not be scared
of what we can't see
This personal
Hear vibrations
Feeling natures stair.
Strife not the end
Climb the tree of life

Thought deprivation, and oral defecation. Plant the seed
Repair wounds of time. Knowing everything must feed
Isolation growing intense psychology distorted mind
Undiscovered complex perversity living inside of the  
There are some driven by the destruction of adversity
In Life and death, I tell you revision isn't key

Direct your inquiries to thriving minds
Be still in your decisions long pondered
Remove your mistakes, remove your memories
Time breaks for insanity, in alternate realities
Not acceptable. UNIVERSAL descent, a shame
Monetary gain, owning rights to humans brains

Its all about the capital and its punishment
The day we all thought would come true
This day we will soon enough forget.
New life surrounded by decay and death
We know  you won’t, but you really should
enjoy the carcass. It will all end soon.

To many people fearing the day they’ll die
Open to the window of opportunity
Look through the window to the other side
If what you found was lifeless, run and hide
Amitav Radiance Apr 2015
The woods have become denser
Where roots have gone deeper
Lost between the intricate mesh
Of the branches and that hold
Embracing each other in a synergy
Here the lost soul is looking for a way
To navigate between the labyrinth
Ideas and thoughts are not porous
Ground realities have become grim
Recoiled are the roots deep within
Looking to move away from the lacunae
As the woods come closer and grasp
This soul has no answer to the questions
Pertinent doubts are raised
No looking away from the harsh world
Feeling crushed between two realities
A hallucinatory phase feels so real
Nothing but prisoners we are
Caught between the woods of reality
Souls filtered us through travails
Here are the sediments seeping
Deep into the ground, where roots reclaim
Amitav Radiance Mar 2015
As I travel with my dreams
There are imaginary places to visit
Through the tunnels of thoughts
Sliding down with ease and delight
Towards the heart of created spaces
Feeling light as air, I fly carelessly
Like an albatross with expansive dreams
I soar above the imaginary lands
Where all the situations are more real
A reality, that is more affectionate
With hope in my heart, I fly along
Carefree and deep satisfaction
One day I can replace this reality
With the one that is more vicious
I love to travel with my dreams
My heart says, I shall be heard one day
I can be the architect to build another world
A reality where everyone life can thrive
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