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Merlie T Mar 2020
I felt afraid
of an old, muted man.
Sitting near me on park bench.
To my ears came a soothing voice
*nothing's gonna hurt you baby..
Bhill Feb 2020
the threshold to tomorrow is stalking us
is there destiny in the indifference
the indifference and concern with what is the future
we should all be the masters of what is to occur
go carefully with all the realities that exist
they are there and need to be discovered

Brian Hill - 2020 # 54
Are you ready?
Mnamri Dec 2019
Those who were born without wings
can never know the taste of the

Me, I fly up in the air and
can never understand that dreams can
Angelic faces have demonic realities.
White has some hidden black.
Good always needs evil.
Light is because of dark.
Marie-Lyne Jul 2019
That’s the thing about lived realities
They are not expectations
Nor stereotypes about cultures
They are the opposite of common knowledge
How about we document our life and get rid of these misconceptions?
Kanishka May 2019
There's always more to it than meets the eye.
Two flowers behind the fence house a million stories,
Insurmountable for all to tell by.
For some it's just two unnoticible flowers,
For some it's the cradle of spring,
For some it's imagery of prison,
For some it's lovers in their haven,
For some it's forbidden opportunities,
For some it's consequence of a strife,
For some it's an offering to a loved one,
For some it's just the cycle of life.
Kristina Weeks Nov 2018
I know that there was once a time
I wrote a poem about us
I talked of alternate realities
And in you it rose a fuss

In it I spoke about our lives
Multiple and each one different
Some were happy some sad
Our story always recurrent

In the end I spoke of us
I had come to a resolve
In our story of talks and shows
Soon the times would dissolve

But as our time together has passed
Our story has evolved
Something inside me started to change
In my story you became more involved

Now in this story of talks and shows
The original plot is new
What once was an untimely end
Now begins and ends with you

So if you’ll let me I’ll write you in
In as many places as I can
I can’t lose you now you’re part of me
Our life together just began
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