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I looked at your picture today...  
I looked at your smile
I looked at your eyes
I looked at your beauty
Many people will look at someone to decide if they are beautiful
And many are indeed beautiful
I look at you...
And you are beautiful to me
Beauty is how you shine in my heart
And my heart feels your warmth and your beauty
You are very beautiful to me

When the stars come out at night, I'll think of you...

When the soft feel of a day gone by, I'll think of you…

When twilight glows on the ocean waters, I'll think of you...

When the sea birds fly towards the setting sun, I'll think of you...

I'll think about your pretty smile

I'll think about your dangerous eyes

I'll think about the beauty that you hold...

But most of all

I'll think of you....

I let your love slip through my finger tips
I did not grasp it with my hardened heart
My tearful emptiness
My remorse
My sorrow

What wonderful feelings I have...

Happiness, Excitement, Sincerity...

This is you and me together...

I love you very much
Because you are so good to me
I feel it in my heart
Yes, you are very beautiful
Yes, you are very ****
But it is the way that you treat me - that make me love you so much

I woke up this morning and I feel happy
I wake up each day and I feel happy


Because each day my feelings are stronger for you
Because each day I feel chemistry pulling me to you
Because each day I think of your beautiful personality

Your beautiful personality is what makes me feel happy each day

One Day...

One day we will be in a place where our dreams and realities come true…

One day we will be - in each other’s arms…
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