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Mnamri 5d
Love can be reborn every day
But we have to give birth to it ourselves.

And once you give birth to something, you should take care of it. Nurture it.

Love doesn't stay patiently in the background if we ignore it.
It doesn't run towards us when we call for it.
Love is not a dog.
(Even though many dogs are very lovable).

Love is a verb,
not a noun.
Treat it as a friend
not a thing.
Mnamri 5d

From this pain
there's much to gain

The shape of mud
where I have lain

The monsters in my mind
I've slain

their rows of teeth will form my jagged crown.

In the end the purest flower grows
from earth where self-sacrifice is sown.
finding meaning in the pain, live to see another day
Mnamri May 14
Love is the answer
that needs no question.
Mnamri Apr 6
The best science is like a story
The best stories are like a science

This was what I was thinking about today.
But I’m not sure if it's true.

I needed to write it down to test it.

Like science.

Or like a story.
Mnamri Feb 28
Small birds fly
next to the giant one
Welcoming the metal bird
back home again

Little birds chirp away
in rhythm with the motors
while the giant bird sings
in a monotonous hum
delighted by the company
of its tiny kin.

Originally written in my native tongue (finnish):

Pikkulinnut lentää
lentokoneen vierellä
Toivottavat jättilinnun
tervetulleeksi taas

Pikkulinnut sirkuttelee
moottoreiden tahdissa
jättilintu laulaa
monotoonisella huminalla
pienten kaltaistensa
a poem gifted to me from the group of sparrows flying next to my plane taking flight.
Mnamri Feb 13
Love is patient
Love is kind
But love can make you
deaf and blind

A love that sees and listens
is not easy to find

A love that keeps on waiting
and leaves no one behind.
Mnamri Dec 2019
We are all
Intersections in infinity

Meeting at the crossroads
Of each unfolding moment.
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