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BelNadia Feb 2018
Inside of you is a broken soul

You smile for everyone, but you hurt alone.

Every day you drown yourself in the misery that chains you to your past.

But now its time for you to breakthrough, cause you've suffered enough.

So lay down your bones with me,

Give me your hurt, lessen your burden,

I'll help you heal.

So just lay down with me,

I'll hold you and chase all your demons away.

I know you dont believe in love anymore,

I know you think that the world's a cruel place

And I know you're scared

But just try to put your trust in me,

I'll be there for you all along the way.

I'll be your shield, won't let you get hurt again.

I'll be the sculptor and mould your shell back into human.

Just lay down your bones with me,

And let go of your pain.

You've been through enough,

And now its time for you to breathe again.
Heretics Abode Dec 2017
We learn to force ourselves onto others,
Even if they say no
Or stop.
We are taught that consent is a silly thing
And those words,
“No” and “stop” are meant for us to keep going.
If we were taught to respect our bodies
And our boundaries,
Then why do we feel the need to *****
And grab
And ******?
A push away means for us to force them down
And take their innocence away,
Or their lives.
Only women are objects,
Or ******
Or weak.
Only men are pigs
Or rapists
Or ******.
A woman is supposed bend at her man’s will,
And a man is weak if his will is bent to a woman.
When will people realize
That oppressing each other and using each other,
Only hurts the world and the coming generations we are supposed to teach?
Are we supposed to show our sons and daughters that if you want something
You must use force?
Are we supposed to scare our daughters with men,
And tell our sons to never listen to what women say if they don’t want them?
Is **** and molestation supposed to be brushed off
By just the words “they were asking for it”
Or “they wanted it?”
daisies May 2017
live with emotions, don't live in them.
be a little dramatic but realistic.
6th May 2017.
hydourella **
James Walker Dec 2016
The months pass by
The children play their silly games
I wonder which step to take
My dreams are filled with thoughts of
New places and
Exciting things
My car broke down
And all I'm getting is
the side of the road
Copyright James Walker 2016
Zeus Nov 2016
You can be Alice all you want
I will forever be wonderland

Get your masks
Get your masks
Its time
Its time to be fake again,
Put a smile on your face
Put a flower in your hair
Take your place
And act like you care

Looking through the window to your soul
I see everything but your soul,
Did you see it to the world?

Act happy
Smile always
Don't be bad
So i do the opposite
I am dark always
I frown always
A hand full of cannabis and a breath full of procrastination

They all want hugs and kisses
They want to hold hands running in the sun
Swimming in the pool
Taking pictures with their artificial smiles

We walked together
We talked all night
We planned a future
We went out
We came back in wanting more
Promising each other the world

Now I want to burn the world

I'm better off alone.
rose Oct 2016
bravery, strength given for the better
a power in which only few may have
as a part of their life -
one that i certainly do not possess.
it can be transformed into the
shy living.

kindness, a value that is most special
most important and helpful
useful as it may be, it has
flaws that can be cracked:
broken leaves falling to the ground,
only a piece of truth.

anger, somewhat misunderstood
it can strengthen us at weakest moments
and break us in  t w o
little shattered glints of glass replacing
fragments of happiness.

these few traits are the composed parts,
pieces, bits of information inside of us that
we take to live our lives,

combined personalities.
Pain, suffering, mourning about it all.
Why can't I understand the meaning of it all, God's true call?

I thought about it long and without mistake,
I filled my mind with love and prayed until I heard no refrain.

My thoughts rebound and ricochet about,
I can't control it and neither can these restless legs who want to shout.

I realize now it truly all is in my head,
for me personally...God is dead.
Viral Jun 2016
I'm a tiny twig flowing in a River

Its flow, mighty, powerful, turbulent
I make futile attempts to make my own way
But it's the forces of nature that determine my path
Pushing me, Pulling me at its whim
And yet I have this notion of Destiny
Of a greater calling
A belief or rather a hope for finding
the true purpose for my existence
Perhaps a twig would change the flow of a River
And Perhaps the whole story wouldn't sound as absurd as its pitiful summarization
Yet, nothing is more true, more tangible,
more persistent, more disheartening
than the fact that

I'm a tiny twig flowing in a River
The lines of optimism and wishful fantasy are thin
Nath Rye May 2016
never was i
going to be held by the throat
ever again,
played with a leash
like a mindless dog

i was wiser than that

but son, when love strikes
your supposed wisdom is met
and negated by
a dash of crazy
a hint of impulse
that, dear, oh dear
lead to
a multitude of reckless decisions.

but maybe that's the way
life's meant to be lived

take a risk
nothing much
Peter Kiggin May 2016
A cultural cup of tea

Coffee isn't my bean but give me tea leaves
A cup of cha do la not cocoa ta no ta
Brew me up chuck no Italian espresso like muck
Caffeine in the shape of a tea bag in a mug glug slug glug
Two sugars please love as I wink to see her breast in the gaze of my eyes pleased
No Darjeeling just plain old tea with a tea spoon and a bag to strenuously squeeze
A British moment of the day that almost everyone lifts their cup and elbows to the skies
I am an English man and I will have a decent cup of tea because it is in my cultural rites
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