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Jordan Hudson Mar 2019
Luxury on my wrist, not a counterfeit
It don't fit slidin' down my arm I got this
I just did but this watch is too lit, ay, ay
Gold gleaming you all dreaming
While it seeming you know it, ay, ay
This time piece at least can tell time
Fists and rhyming with ease payed dimes
Committing crimes, robbing banks, swimming lakes
Money I make it ain't fake, I'm awake
Ay, ay
TC in the garage or the lot
My car the one I bought
No licence a while back got caught
Temptation I fought to drive what I got
Ay, ay
Rapping every day I can say
That today I will make my way
Edge of the map, doing laps
Google maps, taking naps
Sleeping in class
Constantly off task
At least I'm not last
Don't you even ask
Judgments made don't affect
Me at all like a card deck
Banned from a mall I respect
But I did nothing wrong what the heck
Ay, ay
Car meets, friends on the streets
J's on my feet no joke at all
Bank account will fall I need
A wall to end this money I saw
That girl want me but I don't see
Her with me so she can live lonely
And she told me I can be by her side
And I just said back go away, goodbye
Flexing like a typical modern rapper
Met this easy chick that don't **** ****, she a no brainer
I said **** my duck and she said "What could be lamer?!"
Defamed, I went home cried and smoked some ******
Watch teletubbies in my ****** like my last name was schiefer

I went to bed and heard a scream
like R.Kelly I peed my sheets
Turns out the ****** was laced some sort of hallucinogen
I'm worried that in my bloods a carcinogen
decided not to worry cause whats the point
We all die so chill and roll a joint
I'm hitting my stride here ja feel?

— The End —