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Ayin Medina Dec 2016
Inequality and racism
Killing and ****
Doomed and wrecked
The world is changing
Trying to fight
For right things
that we are unsure about anymore
Wrong things becoming right
Shouting for freedom with our sealed mouths
Searching for the good news in the dark
Feels like we're slowly watching the world fall
And as you hold my hand
I knew you're still my world
And you're going to see me
For you
I was inspired by my friend who attended a rally and found a cute girl whose trying to fight for the same thing
Breeze-Mist Nov 2016
Harken now to the fighter's call
From demigod warriors to the petitioners at the mall
We band together and rise when they divide and fall
E Pluribus, Unum: we rise above it all
A social milieu nigh Zipper Beach
And surfing early morning, she's looking for her board.
A test of hers only to wipe out again only miss.   So hang ten my good friend!
In Cabo San Lucas but she's full tilt there shall grant a beaker again and again. Ole
A surfing rally
AB Mar 2016
Poor little Donny.
Long ago all he had
Was his overlarge, pumpkin-shaped head,
His tiny baby hands,
And a small loan of a million dollars.

He struck out for himself,
With only that million dollars to his name.
And he became a success...
And then went bankrupt,
And then found success again,
And then bankruptcy,
And finally more success.

He bought himself a wife,
Made himself a daughter he wants to date,
And put in a run for president.

Now he stands atop a pedestal,
Spewing forth hate-filled words,
Xenophobic and mono-syllabic.
His white washed fans, bowing before their Fuhrer.

Our best and brightest spend their days decrying his actions,
Our true leaders point out his massive ineptitudes,
Our comedians creating thoroughly researched,
20 minute rants about this tiny-handed, pumpkin man.
The other leaders of the world stand baffled by Donny's popularity.

But still his stands behind his podium,
With his red hat,
Waving his baby hands and blubbering about his
"Great brain. The best brain."
And the
"Fantastic wall. The great wall. A Trump wall."

And so the question becomes,
What will this tyrannical child do
When his presidential aspirations are destroyed?
For he lacks the support of any minority group,
Any women's group,
And any level-headed person.

The answer is simple:
He will sue, or at least threaten to do so.
He will rant and rave like the lunatic that he is.
His racist followers will do the same.
But their blabbering will be lost in the words of the intelligent.

Or at least we hope that will be the outcome.
Why, oh why, little handed Donny,
Must you spew such hatred and xenophobia?
Why can you not return to your tower of gold,
With your expensed wife, and bobble sized pumpkin head?

Please leave us be.
Just my take on this whole Trumpscapade
Aidan Sep 2015
From fingertips to nose--
I am rubber From each cigarette induced tooth ache.
Rampant twirling tongues and ravished knees


— The End —