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click klack click klack click klack click klack
klippity clop klippity clop klippity clop
slap slip slap slip slap slip.
hello and welcome to the machine age
where pink floyd your tour guide
where human beings the laughing stock
on the supposed creature comforts
but in truth dependent on those big and little gadgets
designed by the brainchildren of past and present.
civilization at the mercy of those trappings
envisioned by wunderkinds
that propelled the masses from labor
yet now shackled to technology
far removed from simple existence of yore
when people used horse power

as their chief form of locomotion in the bustling towns
that inexorably spawned metropolises
that birthed towering skyscrapers
leading to potential fiascos by making civilization incumbent on
factories generating gewgaws in tandem with industrial waste.
survival of numerous species
(including that of man/womankind) hangs in the balance
as population explodes beyond
the capacity of planet earth to support
such a burgeoning billions fold burst of **** sapiens
filling every nook and cranny on this third rock from the sun
foisting an inconvenient gory truth
that catastrophe looms ever closer
perching all living organisms ever closer to the brink
of disaster and eventual extinction
unless dramatic measures taken to manage reproduction.
bee Oct 2017
i honestly feel so difficult
to write this
i don't know if this is
such a pep writings or
is this just me
forcing my mind
to fight all the insecurities
and deep sadness inside

we deserve everything in this life
all the little things

we deserve everything

those things that make us feel alive
make us happy
peace comes
all of the sudden

just believe in that
we will see better days
where we'll not feel
empty anymore
no more heartbreaks
no more promises
no insecurities

i'm not hypocriticalling myself

we are same
hear all of the happy songs
but your soul keeps playing
all of the sad songs

everything is fake
but i believe no more ache
in the future fact

just keep trying to
        the most
Alyanne Cooper Nov 2015
You ever have one of those days
Where the world's weight sets
Just a bit heavier on your shoulders
As you try your best to meet
Everyone's high standards,
But you can't because all you are is failure;
And you know that all you need
Is to hear one person say,
"Hey, you're doing great. It's hard;
But I'm proud of you."?

Ever have one of those days
Where that's all you'll need in order to make it--
Just one person to be proud of you?

Now I know you don't think much of me,
So this may not mean much to you,
But I think it should mean more
Than anybody else's words:

Well, I'm proud of you.

— The End —