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Sal A Oct 2017
Doesn't it hurt?
When I say no?
When the words finally spurt?
Doesn't it make you jealous when I glow?

On the brink of breakup.
When the end seems to arrive inevitably.
When you pray for us to makeup.
But show it ever so surreptitiously.

I remember when life was simpler.
When you fought with fists and not words.
When you weren't an emotional stickler.
Now we yearn for school trips, like nerds.

Dark moments make the good ones brighter.
Maybe that's why I fight through quarrels like this.
To see you recover from your issues like a fighter.
How do we get through it: say "Sorry" and kiss.
Ambika Jois Oct 2016
Every time we argue
I shut myself off outside
Overpowered by my own reticence
Trapped away by my own pride

You fell in love with the fire
I'm flaming and burning out here and there
You only speak of the one in my belly
I feel the damaging aftermath everywhere

I love us the way we are
Fights, arguments, the regular LQ
We form the hurt, we form the surrender
It's perfect as it is, thanks to the MU.

Love hurts - I disagree.
Words do. Actions do.
Love can heal and unite everything.
Undoubtedly, even me and you.
LQ - Lovers' Quarrel; MU - Mutual Understanding
Äŧül Apr 2016
There was once a docile wife.
Let's be mature & only take it as a joke please.
Nothing personal.
My HP Poem #1049
©Atul Kaushal
Seth Milliman Dec 2015
Quarreling lovers,
Put out the light.
Shut up,
Go to bed.
Don't forget to turn out the light,
Your rambling arguments are childish shambles.
Get up and get over it,
Or figure out your unlearned parables.
Your stupidities reach beyond your garden wall,
Stop fighting and grow up.
Stop using the wall,
Obvious fallacies lay on both sides.
Either work it out and be adults,
Or for the love of the almighty.
Say your goodbyes,
Your public fights are childish with no reaching results.
Shut up,
Go to bed.
And leave relationships to those wishing to be there at all.
Rakha Sep 2015
the autopsy proved negative
the bullet meant nothing

0.9 caliber with no mouth
pretty red-tainted stain on your tee

they say you took the sedative
two by the morning

before i drouth
let us go hunting

to a sepulcher with commemorative
decoration, and darling

you wouldn't have to keep your mouth
shut after we go on rampaging and quarrelling
RL Glassman Aug 2015
I found a mend for a friend
amidst the soft dew
I hear bells in our shells
when our quarrels - they were few
I found art in our heart
near the sandy beach
I feel my spirit is much near it
when the sky we do reach
The sun has fire so much higher
when our hands are close
I feel more within my core
when our eyes had light the most
So let us stay in this pleasant way
As fiery as mars
Let us hold this glowing gold
As we dance amongst the stars
Written April 20th 2015
Melinda Éva May 2015
Distance wedged between us
but we buried it down inside.
My heart questioned every move
but my thoughts were quickly denied.

Although things seemed to take a turn,
my hopes did not seem to heighten.
You brought up one thing but meant another
and my stomach surely tightened.

You spoke what you have not been able to,
giving breath to every sharp word.
Each one penetrated my goose-bumped skin
but left a sensation unheard.

To each word you spoke I defended myself
even when I knew I was wrong.
As time passed by and the cloud of anger rose
I realized your intentions all along.

My love, you are a special breed,
the one I much adore.
You helped me see through all the haze
and I could not love you more.
Say one thing, mean another
o ποντικός της νύχτας
ζευγαριού ερωτoχτυπήματα
Xan Abyss Oct 2014
She smiles at him as he enters
A sign of affection reduced to a dim glow
The way she bares her teeth these days
Has turned more feral than feminine

Her eyes are glazed, and no longer vocal
A vacant gaze, without love or pain
Silent at last, dead screams of disapproval
Disgorge their own spirits, which soon evaporate

And as they burn in wretched silence
All is swallowed by a swirling void
Shades of crimson defile her ****** grin
As she stares limply, lifeless and broken

This cul de sac
This neighborhood
This city of sins and secrets,
No place worth mention,
And no place
for a Lover's Heart.
This is one of my favorites of my own pieces. It tells two different stories at once, and yet both stories come from the same place. Poetry!
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