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Ademar Jr May 2020
A Girl with a great name often looking pretty
Exotic beauty, she'll be the one who you call Fancy
At least from that stunning look she possess
From Deep within, that's why her smiles are the best
A very beautiful one, just talking to me
I'm so lucky for having her while looking so lovely
With a face like that no one can trace, no one can erase,
Because You took all my rhymes for your beautiful face.
Ademar Jr Feb 2020
Marathon to the highest peak of the mountain
Breezes under my skin, still the ethic remains
Through brown vanes and the longer lanes
Ran a mind with those rusty trains
His name, covers up no shame
But effort courageously carries what he could claim.
Faster does the wind blows, and his speed matches when he goes
Like Inspirational Sounds, his empty soul astounds
The record goes round and round,
Sprinting in with an attitude so proud.
Pressure chases a hound
But it doesn't stop his running over ground
His calmness retains the underground
A Man setting a tone for the weakest crowd
A Man Keeping rhythms to maybe reach the clouds
A Man Believing with his voices so loud
A Man Reaching his dreams as the wind Shouts
"You Finally Did It".
Ademar Jr Feb 2020
Night's Beauty
We were in the moon's glory
With your White dress
And My Black Tuxedo
As I hold your hands
We hugged and glanced
For it's our moment.
Looked at you
As the wind blew,
And passionately kissed you.
Ademar Jr Jan 2020
Beautiful Princess, looking good from day and night
Glorious face that captures the bandits' sight
She makes a man stronger than his cry
A beautiful one, that takes a heart into flight.
During midnight, She still look so stunningly pretty
Her jokes, Her feelings, it makes the kingdom happy
She captures acknowledgement for the country
She represents the Miss Universe among those many
No One can battle her beauty, for she'll be ready
To bring out such mentality, that no one can underestimate
To bring out natural abilities, that no one can irritate
She gives 100 and 1 percent to those who imitate
Her own face, with lovely creativity
She never lost a competition and probably never will be
No one's even close for own treasury
For a midnight princess shines in daily and nightly.
She's like the sun, lights the world,
She's like the moon Shines in the dark but with a whirl
Her beauty evolves, the legend has been told
A prophecy now never considered as cold
For the midnight princess knows her role
Just bring beauty within itself to an empty soul.
Ademar Jr Jan 2020
With My Homies at the school just Talking
While a hot girl just came by passing
Hot Girl, everyone's eyes now blazing
I'm wasted, Heart's pounding while going crazy
Longing now with a hot tongue and baby
I might get your number later just for free
Bros just screaming "what a ***"
Teasing me also to "put on a show"
The heart now that I want is all alone
But the pressure's too much to go
Creeps behind, Girls beside me, and her lipstick shining brightly
I just left her, forgetting she's so Pretty and ****
Came home after school, checking some school works
Woah, She's now On? Maybe I should text her hello
I'm sweating and words to think have become zero
It's clear that I can't be a hero,
At least for now but chances now I'm first
Maybe try to make a move for a flirt
To a chick stuck in my brain while doing work
I don't know what to do, For I'm now too shy for words.
Ademar Jr Jan 2020
This heart, I have entrusted with you
Now troubled like those ones too
Those ones not containing a few
Loads and loads now for I'm with the crew
Astonishing beauty that captures the heart of boys
Playing only with their feelings like toys
Put my affection for you nigh and day
Only for me to left with nothing to say
Day by day I think of you, I want you to stay
My Bae, needing you still despite my heart's astray
Longing for your love and myself's only
Only the one to be blamed
For a goddess who set my heart ablaze
Fame gone, nothing now but shame
It comes from a girl an attitude's so lame
I know everyone's considering you a work of art
With love in a cart,
It drove me too far, and gifted me a foolish heart.
Ademar Jr Jan 2020
Stargazing, Eyes now staring, I can see the future in your eyes
With no bright lights except for the moon, a perfect time
To finally call you mine
Would you stay with me tonight to realize how these stars shine
And how we could be like those in the dark sky
Emotions are rising, and I need your loving
In this night is where our hearts are lying
It makes my eyes cry
But I'm still waiting,
For you to say "I'm Ready", to get me preparing
For those three words I've been anticipating
In A long time since our first meeting.
I want you to be in my life for a long time,
No tough cries, and bad lies will destroy my life
Life that you're in, Life that you brighten in night and day
I love you and I hope one day we'll reach the highest stars
We'll get through all the problems, all the wars
All the needs that completes my heart
Are now all formed when we're chasing cars.
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