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Michael Kusi May 2018
Message stepped off of the Isotrain Mechanism and breathed a sigh of relief. That breath was labored, because of the remains of Vibrate’s destruction of Schmita. “We will rename you Dahomeyia”, she spoke out loud. “You will suffer no more”, she said as her words echoed in the air. She listened for the space to speak back and nodded as if to agree with what she already said. She looked back and saw The Alliance Project gingerly step off of the spacecraft.
Message shouted at him, “You can breathe the air, it is like your oxygen silly”. The Alliance Project looked up and said, “This planet is beautiful it is just like Earth”. “Our Earth”, Message replied. The Alliance Project pointed to Drent, who was directing the construction of the new planet.” I could think of no better man to tell people what to do”, The Alliance Project mused. “I can”, Message  replied smiling, looking into his eyes.
The Alliance Project and Message got to the Rulership Palace in the middle of their new kingdom. It was still being renovated, but the main body was finished. The Alliance Project took off his shoes, grinned and said, “Come here, I want to show you something.”  Message giggled and pulled back and said, Chances are, I already saw it.
He motioned Message over and turned on his laptop. It turned on and The Alliance Project asked, “Did Drent set up the wi-fi yet. I have to watch my movies.” Message pointed,
“The wi-fi is Dahomeyian Rulership and the password is Legate.” She sighed for a second, but The Alliance Project did not notice as he typed.
“Got it!” The Alliance Project yelped as he pulled up their wedding. Message smiled as The Alliance Project pointed out the people of the Federation and his law school who were there.
He then fast-forwarded to the wedding kiss. He teased, “Aww we bumped noses.” “You bumped my nose first!”, Message giggled.
They watched the rest of the wedding until they were in each other’s arms. The Alliance Project whispered to himself, as Message laid asleep next to him. “This is the peace I looked for and that I always wanted. It may be on a different planet, but maybe I needed to come here to find rest.”
“Honey did you say something?” Message questioned as she pushed up on the sofa. “Nope”, The Alliance Project said as he cracked a smile. It was the first smile he had in a while.
Suddenly The Alliance Project’s cell phone rang. “Enjoying the wi-fi?” Drent said laughing.  “It’s like the dial-up in my youth but it would have to do.” The Alliance Project replied.
Message got up and said, I have to go meet with the Peacemonger of Strengthened Weapons, I will be back. They kissed briefly, and Message stepped out of the door. The Alliance Project looked under the bed and pulled out the Abyss Sword.  He held it up in the air and whispered, “Old friend you have been retired.” Then the Alliance Project kissed the Abyss Sword.
“I hope you don’t kiss Message with that mouth!” The Alliance Project rapidly turned about and saw Drent, with a smile that was half-smirk, half-grin. They embraced, former enemies who were now not only friends, but relatives.  Drent sat down on the couch and said, I have to show you something important.
Drent got onto The Alliance Project’s computer and pulled up a Interstellar Map. He pointed to a dot on the Map and said, “See that?” “What, I don’t see anything” The Alliance Project squinted as he looked at a tiny dot moving across the Realmic Span. Drent said, “I think that is Essence and she comes to planets who are in danger of being destroyed. She is headed to our planet.” The Alliance Project questioned, “ But she is so far away, what do we do in the meantime?”
“We wait.”
Michael Kusi Apr 2018
Dragon-Man watched in horror as Vibrate readied her soldiers for war.
Such a force of arms was so formidable Dragon-Man had not seen before.
Suddenly Vibrate sniffed the air and said, I smell the hired gun of Dragon-Power.
Bring him to me alive so I can show him the destruction that is ours.
Dragon-Man prepared to teleport and Dialect grabbed his arm saying, We have to draw them out.
Here come with me, I can set up a perimeter and this is the best route.
They went through the forest, and Dragon-Man was holding his sore arm.
Hoping that Dialect was correct, and that his plan would prevent more harm.
Suddenly Dialect turned and said, Give me your Abyss Sword, it talks to her essence.
We can use it to send Vibrate an unforgivable and unforgettable message.
Dragon-Man stuck the Abyss Sword in the ground, and suddenly they could see through Vibrate’s eyes.
Dragon-Man was shocked at the pure evil coming from Vibrate’s life-force, she wanted only demise.

This is our last stand, Dialect murmured, and Dragon-Man urged, So we should go back to the others.
Dialect nodded and said, We must tell the Covenantial Project because he is Vibrate’s brother.
That thing has a sibling?! Dragon-Man asked in horror, They were a part of the Infinite Order
They were all in charge of the Manifest Blades, which were the Abyss, Templar, and Trifecta Swords.
Tyrus Animus reigned over all as the Chieftain Caesar of the Project Overlord.
The Covenantial Project was supposed to **** Vibrate but he failed so the Abyss Sword rejected him.
The Order broke up, because then the Covenantial Project was unworthy to fight Vibrate then.
Vibrate escaped, and Tyrus Animus told the Covenantial Project there was one way to redeem.
There must be a Federation formed with the Dragon-Power to battle Vibrate’s schemes.
Then the Abyss Sword went down to the Earth and the Dragon-Power examined its contents.
And used the Midas Template to make the Federation Weapons with their last disembodiment.
Dragon-Man was shocked, because this was the origin of the Federation.
But he dare not ask how Vibrate was related to Shark-Devil and Drozen.
Dialect took the Abyss Sword out of the ground and said, You are a part of this Order now.
Because you were not just chosen to be the Alliance Project to take Vibrate’s place, you were endowed.
So kneel before a former Faceless Tongue, and accept your incoming destiny first.
Dragon-Man accepted this sword with gratitude, knowing he would save this universe.

Vibrate angrily shook her head and said, Someone is tampering with my sight in my head.
Whoever is so insolent to use tricks to do this, I want him and his world dead.
Dragon-Man took the Abyss Sword, touched it and got back to Message and the rest.
He stood there gasping, as the Intellic Armor covered his being right through to his chest.
The Abyss Sword also transformed, and had a javelin, blade, and fireweapon capability.
It was just the sort of instrument to play Vibrate’s demise and do it readily.
Where is the Chietain Caesar, Dragon-Man asked, and Message asked, We don’t even know he exists.
But if he does we would badly need him for a fight on a godforsaken rock like this.
The Covenantial Project lowered his head, knowing he failed where Dragon-Man had prevailed.
But as a fellow member of Project Overlord, he had to help Dragon-Man in this tale.
Suddenly Dialect said, I hear something, it is the voice of evil that creeps in the shadows.
Message shouted to the Federation behind her, Brave manpeople, get ready for battle!
The Federation readied its Mechanisms for firing on who would dare invade.
The Covenantial Project and the Alliance Project each stepped forward with their blade.
The Covenantial Project wielded the Doctrinian Scythe that was ready made.
Suddenly Vibrate appeared to him in the midst and said, I was brought here by your bloodthirst.
And The Covenantial Project you cannot beat me, because you are cursed.
The Alliance Project shouted, Come down and fight us, or else hold your peace.
Vibrate walked in front of The Alliance Project and said, I have always wanted to see a Project deceased.
Suddenly her footsoldiers arrived, but they were shot down by the Federation Missiles.
Message looked grim in the face, and when Dialect raised his hand it became a crystal.
She raised the Celestial Blade Saber and Winged Fire-Lance to cut it off, as Dialect let out a cry.
He sank to his knees and Vibrate called out, I told you that who was in my head would have to die.
The Alliance Project switched his Abyss Sword to Javelin Mode, and threw it into Vibrate’s eye.
The crystals on Dialect’s hand broke, and he breathed a sigh of relief.
But the Battle of Paldon was upon them, one that they might not be able to leave.
Michael Kusi May 2018
The Alliance Project raised an eyebrow and said, I have heard of him before.
But I thought he was killed by Paris in the mythological Trojan War
They used a bow, and he was hit in the heel and fell down dead and simple.
I remember I hurt my heel once but I survived, so much for him being invincible.
Message looked at him and continued, He was to get the Parisia Bow that slayed.
Lady of the Night and Breastplate-Bearer looked at each other the same time dismayed.
The Covenantial Project chimed in, He is the son of Vibrate, who was also known as Thetis.
Feces? Asked The Alliance Project, No Thetis, the one who got the remains of Achilles
She vowed that any lifeform who would do this was only worthy of death.
And since Troy was gone, Thetis said that no one could survive who had breath.
Message and Lady of the Night stood there were mouths open, astounded.
The Covenantial Project said, She was given the powers of Vibrate by the Founded.
She then set up the Council of the Faceless Tongues, and made an alliance with Drozen.
But watching them do all of this was a supreme entity called the Committee of the Chosen.

Lady of the Night asked, So what do we do now, and The Covenantial Project said.
We must get that bow to shoot Achilles in his heel, so that we can **** him dead.
His heel is his weak spot, but also he is looking for Hepastionite armor to wear.
But this armor causes madness after a while, because the strength is too much to bear.
The Alliance Project said, Then we must split up, and make sure not to confront Achilles until necessary.
Because if we try to take on Achilles without our full strength, he would get the best of we.
Message said, There is one more thing we need to get, and that is the Myrimidon Helmet.
This Helmet gives the wearer war-vision, and makes him invincible in combat.
The Dragon-Power then spoke as a whole, The resources of the Federation are at your disposal.
Because our brethren dinosaurs are not alive to see this because of Vibrate, they are all fossils.
Lady of the Night took her Nike sling and said, I will get the bow and act as the marksman.
You two lovers get the rest of the other stuff, we should start moving and stop talking.
They set out to find the weapons, which were a needle in a needle stack.

Breastplate-Bearer asked Message, do you measure your life by human years or dog ones?
She shot him a look that told him and everyone else in the room that she was the wrong one.
They walked out of the door of the Arurian Tower, and Message and the Alliance Project left.
The Covenantial Project went to communicate with the rest of the Federation with his heft.
The Alliance Project said, It’s getting late, so we can search tomorrow, today we play basketball.
Message jumped up and down and said, Oh goodie! I bet I can put baskets inside of them all.
The Alliance Project suppressed a smile as they came to the court, and gave Message the rock.
Message kept shooting and missing and The Alliance Project called out in his talk
You’re supposed to shoot as if you want to make it, as Message ran after her shot.
Message held the ball out with her hands and said You take it, This basket hates me a lot.
The Alliance Project took the basketball and shot it, all of his shots were swish.
Message looked at him with her mouth open, as The Alliance Project did not miss.
He said, I used to play college basketball, and I still play pick-up games without defeat.
We can play one-on one to 11, and I will school you on how to play basketball in these streets
Message tried to play defense, but her stance was all wrong and one time she got crossed.
The Alliance Project scored 5 baskets in a row, and she looked very lost.
Suddenly she smiled, and then as he got the ball to shoot she got close.
The Alliance Project looked into her eyes, and suddenly he froze.
Message stole the ball and went in for a lay-up and threw the ball in the air.
She raised her hands in frustration and said, You win! I cant make it and I don’t care.
The Alliance Project got the ball and said, It’s ok, we can call it a tie.
We are all good at certain things, you might be good at,,, at,,, Then he sighed.
Good at what?, She demanded, as she approached him like it was a march.
The Alliance Project stepped back and said, Good at having the keys to my heart.