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My teeth sink
to the bottom of my tongue
I bite my words cutting them
into halves then quarters
then numerous flecks
of unintelligible nothings
until I finally learn
to dissolve my anger
like a pill fizzing into water
I diffuse, I remain calm,
unchanged by any
Outside interference.
In this subtle way
of no swords drawn
I conquer my enemies
depriving them of reaction.

Gerry James Jan 28
“Smile, my boy.”
The dad, with a smile, said.
The boy just shook his head.

“Please smile, son.”
The dad said, his voice pained.
Jaw muscles, the boy hadn’t strained.

“Smile, look at the cam, boy.”
The dad said with a frown.
The boy looked down.

The dad shouted loud.
The boy no longer bowed.
If i coulda advised my younger self i woulda just said "look straight g and force that smile, no problems caused." :)
But if you think about it, isn't this just another variant of smiling to hide our true emotions?
Euphie Jan 27
With poets' sinew, the dream I have will be
played like a harp until I wake.

Until the time comes
I hope one day...
the elixir that remains
in my mouth will last
until death comes.
Star BG Jan 26
Dear Poets
your words urge me on
in moment when alone.
Tantalizing my breath
that echo your words.
Tickling senses
that awaken my mind.
Piercing heart
to spread wings of emotions.

Dear Poetess
your words illuminate
in moment behind eyes.
Calling me with grace
to read on.
Expanding self with
your wisdom
Words Shinning
like woven threads on vellum
You are a gift to me,
and I do bow to the power of your pen.
inspired by Ramana Tandra Thank You
M-E Jan 25
Hey, Stranger. Its me
I don't really know you
But between your verses
Are a revelation of our common uniqueness
I missed our bonds behind a screen
Like the kindness in your smile, I've never seen; A healing elixir.
Not exaggerating or being a drama queen
I'm just..grateful..and..thankful..for your honest, loyal heart
-Worthy and pristine
We are no strangers no more
m lang Jan 16
when they tell you, "don't fall in love with a poet," mark their words.

poets love differently than most. we feel differently than most.
we fall in love with words as we trace their outline onto your bare skin.
                                we fall for prose, not people.

we'll dream about what it's like to lose you before you're ever gone.
                                                                                   we romanticize loss.
a heart inflicted is a powerful tool and the passion that flows through our bodies fuels our writer's hand.
           melancholy was gifted to us.

we express our thoughts best when we write them down
as we write you off with nothing left to say.
                                                      we will leave you br oke n.

                  "don't fall in love with a poet," they warn,
                           "you'll only ever be their muse."
OpenWorldView Jan 15
... I may calm my fear
and unseen horror
with words light and clear.

... I may ease my pain
and tend gaping wounds
with verses of healing rain.

... I may release my rage
and spark fiery storms
of rhymes that burn the page.

And maybe, one day
I write about love's joy
in a dazzling lyric play.
Let it all out. One day I may find better words.
tragedies - an heir to all
the mess inside those walls
i can still recall

lunged in anger, seized with fear
oh, what have you done
i tried to leave the thoughts behind
but i couldn't run

black silhouettes, tragic memories
now i'm in constant doubt
am i ready for this?
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