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MoonBunny Feb 2
i love how,
antithesis our souls are,
yet so in love.
liakey May 2019
I call him the devil because he makes me wanna sin
Every time he knocks on the door,
I can’t help but let him in

I know it’s wrong to appease his call,
Though in the end, I know I will fall

Save me from this place,
As though I will amount to more than a mere disgrace

He’s here, though not really
Comes and goes in phases,
Leading me on and hooking me in
So this cycle will yet again spin

Breaks me but makes me;
Every antithesis

Falling apart; holds me together
Leave him, yet I stay
Love him, but hate it
Despise him, lost in this high

Coming down is painful
the hurt and sadness ensues,
Bringing back the mundane,
Meaningless life I see ahead;
The reality I am destined to pursue
shamori Jan 2019
They say cleanliness is next to god, but those who prosper follow the tracks left in mud.

Born pristine, on a parallel wavelength, all is one. Told to go wrong, to fit in, to reach the next level.

Arms stretching, reaching for glory. Stepping on heads, hating those below me.

Laughing, ridicule, destruction of value. Man made standards, paper idols. Please give me value.

If Jesus is leader and Satan a demon, then who do I look to if my masters are evil?

And when my meaning is compromised and shoved in the dirt, why must I sin to replace my hurt?

Inverted letters. Darkened faces. The contrast of what’s pushed forward.
Although this can’t be it, I still lack a logic to morals.
Matei Codrescu Dec 2016
The sweet acid of love that pours when you depart
It wreaks a joyful havoc in the corners of my heart
Never have I witnessed such immense pains and pleasures
Then the ones I witness with you, my treasure.

This golden feeling of bliss, when you are around
I cannot fix to anything that people have found
But you stupefy with a sweet and warm fondness
And leave behind the wildest fire craving for a goddess.

The calamity hasn’t come until you have left
It softly creeps up the veins to commit the coldest theft
Leaving this fiery vessel floating on a frozen lake
Trying from his deepest reserves to not flake…
                                                 …and freeze.

But then I see, touch, hear and feel you close again
I rejoice in the most noble and pure sentiment, a refrain
So delightful even the coldest fires will respark, with a flame,
So bright, the darkest demons of the mind will blind, AND FOR ALL, I BLAME…
                                                                ­  …my Love for you.
I have never loved someone this strongly before. This is only a fragment of my love for her.
Nylee Dec 2016
I commit sins day and night
I do things wrong and right
In this world so black and white
At times I surrender, at times I fight
N Sep 2016
I am an antithesis
The parallel of perpendiculars
A comedy in all tragedies
A benevolent humour
A nay to your say
My words are your dismay
A critic's remorse ink
The drought in monsoon springs
You'll find me in 25th hour
Of words unsaid, the heart devours
The anti to your thesis
My belief refutes your senses
The chaos in merry plight
A devils' advocate through angel's eyes
I am in what you want me to be
The seen wind in wild fire dreams
I am an antithesis
Or am I not?
That's for none to conceive.
Rhianecdote May 2015
Pain gets passed along a chain,
from You to Me
from Me to Him
and now we're all sat here
upset for the same reason.
But this wasn't the bonds i hoped for
or the ties I wished to make or keep.
Try to break the cycle,
but apologies just won't cut it,
for goodness sake, too weak

She couldn't love You,
You couldn't love Me,
I couldn't love Him.
Don't you wish you could
go back to the beginning?
But where do you start in a circle?
A ring has no beginning or ending
it's everlasting,
that's why it's a symbol for Love,
so if I can't exchange it
maybe in verse I can
inverse all of the above

He loved Me,
I loved You
and You loved Her
and loves a beautiful thing,
and I hope one day soon
we'll all be able to
love ourselves too,
truely deep within
and on that day perhaps
this chain will cut us some slack,
we'll be facing the right way
and will be able to see Love
and give it back.
Cause the thing about chains,
they can run either way,
joy gets passed along too
during happier days
and they will come,
surely as this chain
remains undone.

**Name's Bond, Chains Bond
If I possessed the patience, vision and prowess of some of the concrete poets on here (Ryn anyone?) I would have liked to have written this in a chain or cycle formation alas i probably would have dashed my phone out of the window by now in sheer frustration. Haha so use your imagination and maybe some mind altering drugs kids!
rey Jan 2015
He speaks in clichés and I only speak in antithesis.
Shruti Atri Jun 2014
It's a confusing puzzle,
But still holds true:
You can't live with me;
I can't live without you.

Life is but a journey,
I chose to go through with you;
But now that you won't have me,
It's hard for me to continue.

Fate is a bitter cruel harpy,
With her sisters she conspires
For the death of my Love,
As your Love for me transpires!

Hope is a painful therapy,
It burns while nursing Time's stabs;
But the scars strengthen Experience,
As it assists to keep Reason's tabs.

Love and Reason are antithesis,
That can't co-exist;
But their affinity is such
That to be together they persist.

Perfection in Love is when
There is room for Reason;
But when Reason and Logic court,
Love calls it Treason!

Love is unfair and immature,
And still as pure as a dove;
But there's no use of Reason,
With the death of Love.

This poem is an analogy:
Which in life stands true;
It's no use of me loving you,
If there's no hope for you to love me too.
It's astonishing that we are capable of feeling all-consumed in love, even when our feelings are unrequited or love is lost. We hope, and don't just stop at that...we try to make that singled-out subject of our love happy at every turn and crossroad. No matter that every time we get close enough, the ache of not being with them threatens to tear us apart!
Ah! The human mind and it's impossible romantics! :)

— The End —