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Jan 2015
Like a rose bud attempting to bloom
in the middle of a nettles field
you are trying to survive
in a world where it takes courage
to be alive
I see strength trapped inside you
trying to make its voice heard
yet you don't seem to listen
and with the heaviest memories
of your past
you try to recall
the last time you felt loved

And when the dark
tries to embrace you
I, with a morning kiss
will tell you how beautiful you are
and if you say
you do not agree
I'll gently kiss you again
once, twice, three times
until I'll see that smile of yours
that every day
makes me love you
a little bit more

And when, looking back at your past
you still think nobody believes in you
I'll be by your side
reminding you that this time
you don't have to fear being alone
and I don't care how long it will take
for you to understand
for I'll bring you flowers
with a simple note that says
you are smart, beautiful and fun
thank you for being my better half
Written by
Iz  25/F
   Pushing Daisies
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