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  Dec 2016 anonymous999
Heliza Rose
I know you are scared to **** your garden
Because you are afraid it will look too bare
But those pretty flowers you crave need space to grow
So even if it takes you a lifetime
Pull the weeds
Disturb the earth
Plant new seeds
anonymous999 Feb 2016
you crowned me queen and put me up in your beautiful castle

i tried to run, i tried so hard to run away but you pinned me into my gown and you locked me in my tower and told me you would love me
and you loved me
and for the first time, i thought myself a queen
not because of my jeweled head but because the love you shed

now my crown is gone and i'm not quite used to the absence of its weight
i'm running around and falling over drunk on the idea that
you don't love me anymore
and begging someone to lie to me again

i do not miss the crown on my head, i am just sad that the castle wasn't real

next time you build, make sure that you aren't building out of broken glass
i'm unsure how this will be interpreted
anonymous999 Jan 2016
whenever things fall apart,
people say
"it wasn't supposed to happen this way"
but you cannot learn
to pick up the pieces
until someone knocks them out of your hands
everything is as it is supposed to be
anonymous999 Jan 2016
you made me feel so warm
i didn't even notice
you were setting me on fire

you burned me to the ground
and i'm not even sorry
if someone had came before you
and offered to douse me
i would have said no,
i would rather burn

now all i am is ashes
doing all i can to keep these embers burning
and trying to savor the warmth

i never knew, but you've always been fire, and i've always been easy to ignite
fires must move on to new fuel to stay alive
so goodbye
you burned so bright
anonymous999 Jan 2016
i wonder if
you wonder if
i'm sleeping

i wonder if
you wonder if
i'm fine

i wonder if
you wonder if
i'm knowing
there's another reason
that you can't
be mine
i'm sorry my writing *****
anonymous999 Jan 2016
you left last week and
i have vertigo
the room spins if
i move my head
in any direction and
i think that
my body is telling me that
i need to keep my head up or
literally, i will fall
the universe is funny sometimes
anonymous999 Jan 2016
i can't stop throwing up and
i think my body is
rejecting itself
i told you i hated you
and i told myself that i was better off alone
and that i deserve better than you and
my body is choking on my words and
it is not beautiful
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