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Meca Sep 2020
As the rhythm starts,
my mind would dance,
to it's mesmerizing tunes,
I'd forget the past,
Dancing alone with my melancholy flowers
Basil Watkins Jul 2019
He felt the maggots wriggling
In the sockets of his
Gouged-out eyes.
(Euphony from agony.)
Darryl M May 2019
A naked kiss,
Euphony of the love birds.

Why are you shy on convos?
There are regions on you I want to reach,
But can’t make it to the door,
You keep building more stairs…

Why I enjoy calling?
I love the way she freezes over the phone
as I penetrate ideas into her ****** mind.

I’d like to pollute your mind,
Before feeling how perverted your body can get.
I’d like to keep you wet,
Before I dry you out.

What I need today,
Is a slice of you and a full dosage of your love.

Thou sweet temptation,
On your behind lies the forbidden fruit,
I shall not yield,
But I wanna take a bite.
Coz the serpent in between my legs doesn’t believe in obedience.

I just want a girl who would hold on to my chest,
Whisper in my ear,
“Let’s make out.”

Your body tells me things your mind hasn’t processed yet,
Allow me to respond back.
Best performances for the bed,
Let the click in our kisses be the applause.

I can feel your mind hallucinate on my lips as we kiss.
Listen to the sensation.
The way you open and clinch to my motion.

As soon as I touch you,
I forget we’re in the room,
Slowly learning self-control by losing myself in your body.
The only scars I see on your body,
Are my fingerprints of libido,
Labelling passion.

Whispers of two bodies longing for each other.
The halls of pleasure call our names.
Organs of desire are playing to the tune of sensuality.

Allow me into the only Eden left on Earth.

An element of art,
Like the Renaissance.
I see how you be touching your body,
I know my hands can do it better.

My teeth ain’t fancy,
My tongue ain’t fancy,
But the way they nibble,
But the way it slides,
You know,
It’s beautiful.

I want to leave your neck with the memento of my lips,
Love bites.

A kiss withheld,
Free of worry.
A naked kiss.

My heart be a violent wind hovering
around the world searching for you.
You, who are you?

We, both knowing you can be the Queen in my life,
Take pride of place in my heart.

The kiss, oh, the kiss,
Don’t remind me.
Completed: 06th August 2018 [10:43 AM]

Flows well with Aaliyah - One in A Million (dvsn Remix)
Tim Garemore Mar 2019
I'm so ready to feel spring again
I want tears on my face the day of
To wake up and spring out
Just dress in a shortsleeve shorts skin - and underwear
Then sprint out into a yard, either one
Then feel spring and feel young(er) and feel something
I've known you can't go to a golden past
I've just never learned, I don't think
from a set of writings when I was particularly yearning for spring
Tim Garemore Feb 2019
I'm angry
or am I just filled with some hum
refusing to be reduced to the disgusting *** of the past two months, I ain't finished
sit down
and stick around
like these symptoms of depression stick on all around town
& at night
I get nothing done
and I'm lying to myself if I think that's faith, ***
I'm gonna do it or at the very least try

despite All the hits I've taken I survive
yeah, I want winter to die
I'm living it up like it's the afterlife
yeah, I feel nothing and a lot of it
now so it's time to do something because

I'm alive
and when I cry
It only serves as an opportunity to remind
me of it
so Don't count me out dude shove it

I'm not angry
Felt good to write this
Tim Garemore Feb 2019
An ecstatic
                    burst of joy caught me
earlier this afternoon

I don't know why it sought me
I didn't know t'was in the room

I'd been eyeing the words you wrought me
When the shot shot through

And with no material force it fought me
then it left
                 after dispelling my gloom.
An edited version of a poem I recently wrote. I also used this version as my sample poem to Hello Poetry.
Are euphony
Of thought,
Of heart,
Of body,
Of the splendid,
Of the soul,

(Unbinding our once
Spectral Fates
          That spiraled down
The Keys of Life
Tainted by
The Greatest of Dissonance)

My Redolent Reverie,
Sweetened by
Mellifluous Nectar Tides
Of cherished moments
Steeped for eons
In our
Carnal yearnings
Are made anew
By the Cosmogonist’s Hands
Of Eternity

(O, for I
Doth doven the skies,
That the Incendiary Wings
Of the Auburn Pheonix
Imbue me
With the Souls Acquisition
Of Golden Pinions
                      Of the Thew of Vitality).

Captive visions,
Slumber in
My Azure Dreamer’s Chest
Engraved with
The Insignia of Archaic Fates
Upon it’s
Starry Epidermis
Till skies fall
To the Terrene
The Luminaries
Shall rest
The palms of my hands

(O, for then
This Juggernaut of a Man
That I am
Shall Effloresce
Ceasing to be
     That Loveless Sentinel,
The Guardian over
The Bastion Heart
He fathoms

.Ensorcelled Butterflies
Lovelit Lavender Light
Upon that
Astral Parcel,
Lulling my weary eyes
By the
Sovereignty of Monarchial Wings
Vanquishing the doubts
Once blurring
My Kaleidoscopic Dreams
(Life’s Iridescent Seal
Branded upon
My forehead
And etherealizing
My exhalations
                    Till crystalline)

My sullied heart
Pulses shadowed winds
(The Sweeping Gales of Solemnity)
Without the
Blissful Kiss of Cadence
Resonating an
Ebony surge
Than first octave tonality
Of abyssal timbre.

I beseech you,
Unfurl those forested eyes
My Desiderata Materialista,
That I may
Drinketh of your
Emerald Streams,
Ineffably Pristine.

(For then
I shall be
Spirited away
      To Eden,
My existence
     Shall become
Nirvanic Transcendence)

To pine is a pang,
To envisage
Is to breath.

Perhaps that
Is the only solace
My feeble soul
Can bear,
Without you.

By your alabaster skin
Vein my eyes
With luminescence.

With your tender caress
Saunter my
Voracious skin.

Weave my Chrysalis,
By your
Susurrant voice.

Cocoon me
In your
Flawless serenade,
That I metamorphose
Bearing the
Sacrosanct Wings of Phantasmagoria
The Melisma of Your Piety.

Pearlescent blood
Floweth within me,
Like baptismal rain,
As I muse
When you alight
Once more
In my Cosmos.

I am yours,
Floral Fallal.

~Our fears are the burdens
    Of the Vestige of the Past,
      A hollow cry
       That fights to exist
         In a zeitgeist
           That flowers
              Quicker than
                Our hearts know how to beat.
                     Unfurl your Gates
                           To the Arbiter of Fates,
                              Unearth the Hallowed Crystals
                                 Of your Garnetiferous Passion
                                    That takes shape
                                        Because you…

                               O, Stalwart Knight,
                                    You were cosmic
                                         Like myriad raindrops,
                                           Mystic echoes
                                              Emancipating­ your spirit
                                                 From the trepidation
                                                     ­    Of the mortal kind.

                                Evanesce,                       ­   
                                                  For to be Ephemeral                      
                                 ­                Means to conquer                                  
That Magisterial Oblivion.
                                                       ­     Se’lah.~
Hey guys! I've been doing a great deal of experimenting with my writing as of late. This piece is an embodiment of all the introspection, musings, tribulations, and heartbreaks I have experienced as of late. I hope you all can appreciate this piece despite the quasi-obscurant references that I present bereft of explicit detail.

The core of this piece lies in the fundamental nature of our dreams, yearnings, and aspirations (as well as the shadows born of the loveless blight). It effloresced it something much greater as I continued to refine it. Hope you guys like! God bless!
Earl Jane Jul 2015

                                              I enfold you closer to me,
                      And let you feel every melody,
That my heart produces.

Suddenly you got enervated,

                            Because of my monotonous euphony.

                                            I wonder why would you feel like that?

          When the only harmony my heart generates,

                 ~> Are the tone of the sweetness of your name,
                                 ~> And the music of your love,
                                                That carries me into the paradise land,
                  Which everyone dreams of?

      I only love you,

                                                 That's why,
                        I will never mix others musical genre,
                Into the rhythm that maintains the circulation,
                                 Of love and felicity,

                                                                ­                            Into my life.

                            © Earl Jane
                              ♥ E.J.C.S.

— The End —