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Dec 2019
Sitting silently,
Legs crossed,
Breathe in,
Breathe out,
Pushing away all negativity,
Letting in the pure energy,
Healing all the wounds,
Hoping for the peace to come,
And people call it meditation.

But meditation is much more than that.
It is about our thoughts wandering far and beyond,
only to find that everywhere is actually nowhere,
but you know it is there.
It is about the heart swimming on the sea of wisdom,
only to find that even darkness speaks of light.
It is about us walking in the empty sky,
only to find that in emptiness we are perfectly full.
It is about the soul dancing in the universe,
only to find that the universe is actually a nothingness,
but in nothingness, it completely exists.
And once you completed the journey,
it will ease all wounds and pain,
cover you with a blanket of peacefulness,
and shower you with happiness and tranquility.

And meditation doesn't attach to any religions.
It is just the way and path of us revealing and accepting the truth of ourselves,
and growing true love, unconditionally.

December 31st, 2019

Kanya Puspokusumo
Written by
Kanya Puspokusumo  F/South Korea
(F/South Korea)   
   Jim Musics
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