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Kelsey Ann Aug 12
Jim and Mary Jane
down on lover’s lane
too old to refrain
too young to feel afraid
till blood and bone remain
in rays of moonlight
Kelsey Ann Jul 28
I followed a rainbow
to its *** of gold
but found
I had grown too old
Kelsey Ann Jun 28
Too many dreams about

Just once
I want to stumble on
the sand

Crushing castles

As my feet meet the
shattered remains of

Slicing and dicing

Stinging from the
salty sea

At least then I’d know I'm
Kelsey Ann Jun 28
drifting through walls
rotting family trees
like fungi feasting
on buried roots
Kelsey Ann Jun 28
What started with a twist
has soured
someone spiked the punch

Your looks
no longer my addiction
we haven't had a nightcap in months

Our words
too salty to swallow
and bitter til the last drop

We used to go down smooth
but now
our love is on the rocks
Kelsey Ann Jun 1
He follows her
like a stray dog
battered, bruised from
past mistakes

Beats her till she’s
on all fours,
branding her body
with heartache

Sprawled upon the
warm bloodied tile,
the pain pleads her to
bare her soul

Blessed with bluesy pipes
her savior,
she sings till her heart
is hollow
Kelsey Ann May 23
they tell us
silence is golden.

sadly it
fell on our Deaf ears.
I have a B.A. in Deaf Studies and am pursuing my teaching credential for American Sign Language. I've been signing for eight years.
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