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Nylee Dec 2019
So what you erupt
Like lava of volcano
Just like that
Without warning
You hid well you were hurt
Is that my fault?

You offending purposely
cause you took unintentional offense
Now that you are gone
But you're still in my head
making me restless when i try to rest
You want to hear the words sorry
But do you feel the same.

Is your ego flame bigger than your loved ones?
Why did you drag me into the mud?
Emma Nov 2019
your gun it is ignorance.
arogans it's your name.
contempt inside your veins.
you look at me from upside down. i read a scorn inside your lips.
the jeer was freezing on your eyes. you thought i'm fool?
but i am not.
to someone
wyle tan Jun 2017
no speak evil
see no evil
evil no hear
world lies dumb
10 June 2017, Clementi, Singapore
SøułSurvivør Jul 2016
Blessed is the man
who does not take offense
I'm speaking in the present tense
There is no sitting on the fence
This poem will now take me hence...

An offense will make us stumble
Forget the bluster and the bumble
Our defense will surely crumble
In all things we must be humble

When we see another's error
Are we really all the fairer?
Look Within it will be clearer
Are we looking in a mirror?

When we see reflection's bust
Do we see lines? Perhaps some crust?
Being honest is a must!
What have we done
that WE can't trust?

True of the bird as well the bee
We are all one cloth you see!
Self-assessment makes you free!

This is true humility.

(C) 7/23/2016
Yes. I could learn the lesson in this, too.
We're always learning always growing.
Let's stop fighting and look at ourselves.

1 Corinthians 13

I won't be reposting for a while. I want this poem to stay at the top of my site.
Thanks for understanding.


Kagami Jan 2016
When the spit leaves his mouth like acid,
Speckles my face with scars and tears,
Insults are last place in my minds marathon.

The self depreciation is a serrated knife,
Plucking at the strings in my chest.
And with each snap, I am closer to collapsing.
Jillian Jesser Dec 2015
When I dusted off the counter today
I found something that was lost before

Jesus was there by the sink,
sitting down right next to the toaster
he looked at me and asked for a coaster
he and the cherubs were drinking diet soda,
and watching the ants eat my sugar

I asked him three questions
and hear what they are
why are you sitting by the toaster?
why in the hell would you want my coaster?
didn't I ask you to leave last summer?

Jesus said he wanted to live in my heart
first the counter
then my heart
what's next Jehova, my first born child?

yes actually he said, before he snorted and growled
I really do want your first born child
would you like a brochure for heaven?
its pretty wild there, and the bread's all unleavened

No thanks
No thanks
God Jesus Antichrist hate love offense genius cruel master no gods no masters no one Trust diet coke peace hate anger joy slavery child
Sy Lilang Nov 2015
"Pride masked the true condition of the heart.
It keeps you from dealing truth. It distorts your vision.
You never change when everything is fine.
Pride hardens your heart and dims the eyes of understanding.
It keeps you from the change of heart - repentance -
that will set you free."
- *
John Bevere
(From The Bait of Satan by John Bevere)

Kindly read this powerful book about offense. The Holy Spirit will truly speak to you too! God bless!
mandy rigby Mar 2015
How did it feel at the end ?.. were your legs as heavy as your heart as you took your last journey, upwards .. all the way to the top.
What led you to this place?. so broken, so defeated..
I can only imagine how wounded you must have felt, knowing your demise was considered entertainment to the crowd below. Goading you to jump, baying shamelessly for your blood. Updating social media status' .. phones pointed upwards so they could capture your misery and share it with the world.
That must be a very lonely place to be .. .
Did they not comprehend that you were someone's child, perhaps someone's Father.
Their lack of compassion could only have added to your brokenness, your feeling of being alone, misunderstood, unloved.
They left you no options, encouraging you to die like that, when you so obviously needed a kind voice, a kind heart to show you the way down to safety.
Did they enjoy the show you came falling from the sky, did the crowd fall silent as you hit the ground ... LIFELESS .. Do they even comprehend how greatly they have sinned?
May I apologise on behalf of humanity, or share your grief for the lack of.
I hope you have gained the peace, you so desired and didn't get whilst here on earth.

(for the guy who commited suicide, jumping from a multi storey this weekend, spurred on by the crowd below)

(msrigs 17/03/2016)
Nicole Bataclan Jan 2015
Was that offensive to you?
I was just pointing out
Something obvious.

Oh dear,
If it were clear
I am sorry to disappoint
It was so smart I missed your point.
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