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Emma Nov 2019
he tried to pull me on the bottom. but i don't wanna to be choken.
i wanna fly like a butterfly,
i want to enjoy my life.
he tried to push me in the darknest.
but i don't wanna to be lost.
i wanna be in lightfull,
i wanna be in love
Emma Nov 2019
i'm ready, i'm ready, i'm ready,
i'm ready to be loved,
i'm ready to be cared,
i'm ready to be needed,
i'm ready be respectfull,
i'm ready be enough,
i'm ready for the real life,
i'm ready, i'm ready, i'm ready.
i'm ready for the love,
i'm ready, i was waiting long enough
Emma Nov 2019
your love were just destructive.
it's broke me fully in the parts.
it was a crash, it was a smash,
it's hurts, destroyed me.
it's grinded me in ash.
i was rebuild myself for new one.
thank you was broke me
Emma Nov 2019
nobody bring you nothing
upon the golden plate
if you want love
you have to try this
you have to search
if you just sitting idly by.
you'll stay alone forever
everything in your arms, build.
Emma Nov 2019
you was just an illusion.
you don't exist at all.
i opened eyes.
and what i see?
the empty place.
i was alone all time.
you made me to believe in fantasy. i opened eyes.
it's all was lie, no more.
Emma Nov 2019
the lesson I was learn.
you can't make someone love you. if some don't let you in.
give in, don't try too long.
you waste your time.
just left him.
no need to try in vain. love yourself.
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