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Peter Tanner Feb 2022
I am in the depths of who knows where.
It is dark, it is cold, it is despair.
I am face up in the pool gasping for air.
I see no stars, I see no moon
There's just the fear that I may go under soon
The void which is darker than the walls,
tempts me to give into its calls.
I hear them echoing in my soul,
then my burdens take their toll.
I reach out in the cold air,
for a helping hand that isn't there.
Then I go under,
to the darkness of my eternal slumber.
A metaphor for the many things in our lives which seem to assail us without end.
Peter Tanner Jan 2021
I dressed for an event not taking place.
I watched a clock that wasn't keeping pace.
I was late to a party that wasn't meant to be
It was a dance for two and I didn't have the key

You see,

If you give it all then you can lose it all
You must rise up or else you're in for a fall
A broken clock is a heart not ticking
A missed event is a couple not clicking
I followed a heart that led me astray
Now sadness is the only thing to stay
Loving someone that doesn't love you back
Peter Tanner May 2020
There is no prize for winning fights
There are no spectators nor screams
There are just long nights and troubled dreams
We play by worldly rules
We are punished by the same
By them we are fools and dubbed insane
Outcasts we are and outcasts we'll be
Until one day we can show them why and bid them see.
  Feb 2020 Peter Tanner
the moment a poet
falls in love with you

is the moment
you live

f o r e v e r
Peter Tanner Feb 2020
I realize now what I crave.
I don’t wish for presents or parties in my name.
Praise or popularity either.
Perhaps others would get bored of doing nothing
However, I’m just glad that they are there,
Near me, supporting me.
Who are they? My Friends.
Peter Tanner Nov 2019
The bird struggled to its feet
The day had finally come
In fear the bird gave a small tweet
The first flight is frightening to some
Fly or fall, two options nothing more nothing less
To me this is comparable to my own stress
I asked her out, she said yes.
I thought my trial had ended
I flew from the tree and didn’t fall
But now is the greatest test of them all
Will I survive the world of prey?
Or will I fall victim and dark be my days?
No one knows til the end is come
Not even the bird itself until it has lived a full life and bourn it’s young.
Or one with the earth the bird has become
She said yes but will the first date go well? If not will it spell the end?
Peter Tanner Nov 2019
Did I chicken out or was it not the time?
The moment was so fine but not right
The fight within me ceased
It was a feast of joy and of song
Nothing could go wrong
Maybe next time i'll see if with her I belong.
Asking somebody out is hard especially when the mood is so light and happy. I hope to know in time whether I see her in a romantic light or not.
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