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She is one of the angel who is sent from above,
She has the biggest heart in every terms of love.
That's why she's rare, not like any other
There's none so devotional as that of 'Mother',
Her love is something that no one can explain,
It is made of endless love, sacrifice and pain.
Her power is super, how can she do it all?
She has all solutions for my problems - big or small.
She will be the one who will stand everywhere,
In every situation, when no one else will be there.
She makes me feel so good, safe and sound,
When she is there with me around.
She is the reason everyday I smile,
For me, she can run for a mile.
She's so pretty and versatile,
For doing everything she has her own style.
It's so difficult to understand what she thinks,
Her heart is soft as pink.
Words are less to describe her behavior,
She's my world, she's my savior.
Thank you God for this precious gift,
I Promise that I will always uplift.
Happy Mother's Day to all the beautiful and strong mothers around the world. Love you!
MoonFlow Apr 13
There is a woman,
With heaven underneath her feet.
When I take a glimpse of her eyes,
I forget about the stars.
For the twinkle of her eyes is better than that of stars.
When I gaze at her lips,
I forget about the crimson of roses,
For her lips are far rosier .
When I hear her laugh,
I forget about the nightingale.
For her voice is far too merry.
But do you know who this woman is?
She is Mama the Marvelous.
Feel free to use this piece for your mums.
Amanda Kay Burke May 2019
Thank you for the memories
We have made together
And this is you let you know
I wrote this for the card I made my mom yesterday
mjad May 2019
I have spoken more words of hate and exclaimed more disgust,
than words fueled by respectful admiration and trust.
You think that I will open up to you the more you hover,
but my life is kept from you, completely undercover.
I hope one day I can speak all of my exciting truths
because you have been uninvited to share in my youth.
I do not need you, but to follow what every child should say,
Happy Mother's Day.
we do not have a good relationship
part two to my other poem "Mother"
Frans May 2019
Five words yet touching
Can melt her heart even more
So yeah, Happy Mother's Day to all Mothers out there. Mother dears enjoy your day. Have a blessed sunday Guys
Jack Torrance May 2018
The best parts of you,
are what make me, me.
My smile, my hair,
my personality.

You grew me inside you,
and nurtured me slow,
smiling when I kicked,
and helping me grow.

How could I not love you?
Without you, there’s no me.
I could never imagine,
life without you, you see?

Every fall, every scrape,
every skinned knee.
You made such a big deal,
at every injury.

I know it’s not easy,
and I can be a brat,
but when I really need you,
you’re there to hold me so fast.

You’re the diplomat, the cook,
you’re the washer and nurse.
You can be a bit crazy,
but you held me first.

Now I am older,
and understand the truth.
There is no handbook,
that shows you what to do.

You winged it mom,
always questioning things,
but you never stopped trying,
and never stopped giving.

I love you for that,
for the unhindered love.
For the meals, and the talks,
and for the endless hugs.

I will always love you,
because you’re the best parts of me.
You’re a fighter, a wonder,
you’re what I wish to be.

Happy Mother’s Day
It'smeAlona May 2018
H-alaga ng buhay
A-y kanyang ipinamalas
P-ag-aaruga't kalinga'y
P-atuloy niyang ipinadarama
Y-akap at halik ang laging niyang
    ibinibigay, ngunit tila

M-arami ang sa ati'y nakakalimot na
O- o nga't tayo'y abala sa pang araw-
     araw nating pamumuhay upang
     mabigyan siya ng masaganang
     buhay, ngunit sa
T-uwing siya'y nalulungkot at
    nalulumbay ni
H-indi natin magawang aliwin man
E-wan kung saan ba siya nagkulang
    upang pasasalamat sa kanya'y hindi
    magawang maisambit man lamang
R-amdam ang pangungulila ng isang
    Inang napagkakaitan ng
    pagmamahal at pasasalamat ng
    isang anak
S-akripisyo'y kanyang iginawad upang
    bigyan tayo ng magandang buhay

D-ugo at laman na sa ati'y kanyang
    ibinigay, kaya
A-ting alalahanin na tayo'y may isang
    Inang handang magmahal at
    magbuwis ng buhay, kaya ngyong
    araw ng mga Ina hayaan **** ika'y
    aming pasalamatan
Y-ou're our Mom who gave US life.

N-atatanging INA, sa
A-ming siyam na magkakapatid na si
PM Mar 2018
Sweet, funny, loving, caring, patient, an epitome of motherly magnificence.
The English language may eventually run short of adjectives to describe you,
but i'm not worried - after all, what use are words when you can make out my thoughts - even from my deepest silence...
Chirayu Writer May 2017
"Happy Mother's Day"
She fought for us against the world
She stands for us against the peoples
She sacrifices for us against the lives
She still continues to inspire us everyday & every time.
She is no one, then the most important Person, who is a human, friend, teacher, love and a god of everyone's life.
Mother is the term
I call her "Super Woman". My mother is my life
My mother is my love
My mother is my Shadow
My mother is my Role model
My mother is my Inspiration
My mother is my Idol  My mother is my best friend
My mother is everything to me
Today what I am is because of my mother,
for me my mother is everything. "To you mother,
thank you for everything Maa,
I know, how great you, I know how beauty is your love and care, there is no one better to understand me and without you my life is incomplete, Thank you with priceless, because you deserve more than this, you are" the entire universe is with me, words will never measure the love you have showered on me,
I can't Thank you enough, and a thing I forgot to mention is you "the best and no.1 cook in this entire universe, I bet no one can cook like you, you are beyond, magical and magicians of your as well the surrounding lives.
On this auspicious day to unforgettable time, I have to
Promise you something that from now
Onwards the time is yours,
"Each second of your life going to be so special & every minute will be unforgettable,
Precious includes charismatic.
this is my promise Mom.
Stay happy,
Love you
Keep smiling.
(You are my god).
Love you Mummy.
(You kept me in your womb, safely with care, I can say only one thing "Thank you god for making the best creation for life.
My Mom is Super Woman.)
And To Every mother in the whole world wish you "Happy Mother's Day". Keep Smiling & Keep Rocking.
Thank you
Happy Mother's Day... Plz read it..
Steph Dionisio Jul 2014
Ang totoo 'di tunay na alam,
sa kung paanong nito'y paraan, paano ipaparamdam,
itong pasasalamat na mula sa puso,
na ikaw rin mismo ang humubog at bumuo.

Sino ka nga ba sa aking buhay?
Anong katangian ang iyong itinataglay?
Bakit sa buhay, ika'y mahalaga?
Bakit kita kinakailangan sa tuwina?

Ako'y 'di mo lamang inilabas sa sinapupunan.
Sa akin ika'y nagmahal, nag-aruga, nagbigay ng aral.
Sa araw-araw na ika'y nakikita,
walang katumbas na saya ang tawagin kang "mama".

Kami'y walang kasing palad na mabiyayaan,
isang inang maganda, busilak ang kalooban.
Sa mga pagkakataon na ika'y nagalit,
Ni minsan sa ami'y 'di nagmalupit.

Pagod, hirap, sakripisyo, sa ami'y inilalaan,
walang pag-aalinlangang, ikaw ang ilaw ng tahanan.
O ano ang buhay kung wala ka?
Sa amin hatid mo ay labis na ligaya.

Di man masabi ang lahat sa munting tula,
'di man ito galing sa dalubhasa,
sa ikabuturan ng puso, ito'y nanggaling,
para sa isang dakilang inang wala ng niningning.

— The End —