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AS Nilsen Jul 2019
all my favorite bars
remind me of old ship wreckage
blue bottled dry gin
courses through my Viking veins
I steer this helm steadily
AS Nilsen Jul 2019
me from the one place I love
AS Nilsen Jul 2019
I never dreamed of
being here, now
nor what is to come
there, then
AS Nilsen Jul 2019
13 Ways to Cringe


We met under a glittering ball

at the drop of the song

I told him not to fall in love with me


We were swallowed by the city

and when he craved me and wings and beer

I had to marry things like ketchup


We tried again in Chinatown

the club with the ***** girl at the bar

who tried to dance her way into his lap


Eventually I spent a night

but that stupid 9-5

it’s like we didnt even talk


He wanted wings again

I snuck him beers

He was always a good tipper


I remembered his address

a door so nondescript

I wound up forgetting again


We talked on the fire escape

watching people is cool

because you get to skip yourself


Matching robes one morning

we had to play divorce

while his roommate intruded


There were four of us at night

two got married

two got lost


When we dance in a group

half the time we spend losing it

half the time we spend finding it


I try to sleep on his sailboat

but I gotta ***

and my beds down the street


We play BINGO with his nieces

to want the babies to win

is an inky dabber to six cards


His dad calls me his

His mom shows me new shoes

He is petting his dogs
AS Nilsen Jul 2019
we leave through the meat rack

but we’re all friends here

except so much more

we leave unspoken

and on the dock

no taxi light was on for us

so two hours, one sunset pass

and I’m dancing but we’re irritated

we leave it unspoken

we eat french fries

and when the chariot arrives

the fireworks start

the beautiful shimmers and

smileys in the sky

there’s no place I’d rather be

but you’re anxious to be home

with nieces and your nephew

so we leave it unspoken

and thats how we got

back to Lonelyville
AS Nilsen Jul 2019
give me all your nightmares
your twilight woes
gasps in the thick heat
of August’s night
swamp goblins’ prance
eerily sideways, smiling
sharp nails point to
an existing wasteland
meant to decay you
for eternity
AS Nilsen Jul 2019
Having a hard time in spring makes me think it is my least favorite season. My paleness frostbitten from eager pedal pushers and my hairs luster lacks gone away with the beanie I lived in. My face loves the sun, but it was too much too soon and the burn remains. Oh and death is spring because babies can’t care for themselves yet. The first buds of bland blooms, backdrop for later’s begonia. It is not exciting to see this life struggle out of sleep when the season of sadness spills over. Spring, she’s bipolar a bit. The warmth is hit or miss and she takes so long to get out of bed. Get out of the fog, get of out of the grey. She takes the moments you hold your breath the longest before plunging out of the horizon and runs her finger along the film as to slow it down because when you’re sad in Spring you feel as though winter is forever.
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