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A Czech chick dribbles but
rebounds on the court
that a running game allows her basket there in breakneck time
that they belch instead of cry and teammates once
they've shined in their field house atop the hill.
It looks like five  on  referee
Terry Collett Jul 2017
I sit next
to my sister
on the coach
to school.

She is talking
to her friends nearby.

I look out
the window.

The radio is on
playing pop music.

There is talk
around me
like a babble
of sounds.

Fields and trees
and hedgerows
pass by
and country lanes.

I wonder if
John is looking
over at me?
he was when I
first looked over
after getting
on the coach
and he smiled
and I smiled.

But I don't know
to look again.

If he is looking
and I blush
and my sister sees him
she'll joke about me
blushing to her friends.

The sky is dull
it looks like rain.

I hope it doesn't
I want to see John
on the field if I can.

Shall I look over?
I want to
but what if he is?
I try not to blush
but can't help it.

The bus stops
to let other
school kids on
they clamber aboard
like pirates
onto our ship.

They sit
more talk
from the back.

I wish
I wasn't so shy.

I look over
John's looking at me
and smiles
I smile.

I feel myself blush
and look away
and stare
at the sky.
Mike Virgl Jul 2017
Look to this when you are hungry, and sinning
and look deeply into your vision, what do you see?
A man made marvel. That is all. Is that what you strive for?
To obtain nothing and hold it for god to see is simply heinous.
Unrepentant ignorance. So is that who you wish to be? The pathetic corner where no one treads, the person who has no future tense, and even the person who lacks any will. Constitution, I should say.
You are who you make yourself, after all who controls everything you do? Inaction and action have the same power, so decide. Choose for yourself, is it now, or tomorrow, or even better, never?
I kinda just made this for me to look at... i need a life coach
Äŧül Jun 2017
This is a black day for sports,
Even if not in the world,
Surely Indian sports.

Virat - the young junior player,
He made the engineer quit,
Kumble had to give up.

Virat Kohli has a harsh ego,
He let his ego defeat the team,
Whereas Anil Kumble had none.
My HP Poem #1597
©Atul Kaushal
Mae Jun 2017
If I were to do it all again I'd tell my mother that I was sorry
I'd tell my brother that I love him
And I'd tell my best friend that
Maybe the skirt was a little too short for brunch with the parents

I'd tell my sister that I wish I had an ounce of her integrity
I'd thank my coach for believing in me
I'd kiss my teacher on both cheeks
For not leaving me in the hallway crying
I'd thank her for being my only friend for almost an entire year
I'd thank her for carrying me on her shoulders for so long
But most of all I'd thank her for letting go at the right moment

If I were to do it all again
I'd be more honest
Not blunt.
Because blunt is uncompromisingly forthright
And I, for one, give a ****.

If I were to do it all again
I'd understand that in order to get to "success"
I'd have to climb the thousand feet tall ladder called "fear"

If I were to do it all again
I'd jump out of the plane on two
Because people hold on to the edges at three

If I were to do it all again...
Man I'd be at the top of that ladder
Saint Audrey May 2017
Can you belive it?

Belive me when I say
I used to trust myself
In any way
This silver cord is shorter
Now I've all but lost my health

Poor forked forced set of mental blind
Heady terminal path soon to be mine
Grimy iron taste so sublime
Salt water spilling into overtime


I hated that
Complete tripe
*******, ******* subjective

Yeah, I AM glad you died
Like, in a present for my future
It's all mine, you...

It is all mine.

Low end rent roach
Bring around the stage coach
Pick myself a lane

Terry Collett May 2017
Trevor talked
about football
and whom
to put in the team.

I sat next to him
trying to shut out
his football talk.

I looked over at Elaine
on the other side
of the coach
and smiled.

She smiled
and blushed
then looked away.

Trevor asked
about a kid
named Jones
whether he'd be
any good in goal.

I said I didn't know
how he'd be
I couldn't care less.

I wished it
was Elaine
next to me
not him
and his football yak.

I sensed her eyes on me
but when I glanced over
she was looking out
the window.

Her sister
gazed at me
with her scornful eyes.

I looked away
at the passing scene
fields and trees
houses and hedgerows.

I hoped I'd see Elaine
on the sports field
at midday recess.

Trevor opened
wide his arms
talking about
the big kid Bailey
how his reach
could save
better than Jones.

I said go for Bailey
he's the best
I said nothing more.

Felt like a marooned sailor
on a lonely shore.
Terry Collett May 2017
You never realized eyes
could smile like hers did,
and that she could smile
in such a way
as to make smiling
a gift of God.

You sat by a window seat
on the school coach
that first morning
a  new boy at a new school
and she there at the front
eyeing you and smiling that smile
and you gazed out the window
at the passing views
trees in fields
birds flying overhead
cows in passing fields
eating grass or staring
at the coach driving past.

You looked up
and she was still eyeing you
and her smile still there
and you looked away
and felt something odd
open within you
and felt self conscious
as if the whole world
was in on it
and the eyes of each
and every kid on the coach
was aware of her eyes and smile
but none seemed to notice
or care if they did.

Just you and her eyes
and that smile
and you opening up
and becoming undone
like some poor sod
stripped naked
under a hot sun.
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