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Amy Perry Mar 6
I’ve never felt
More luxurious
Than when
I was on a newly
Prescribed drug
With a total body high,
Coming down from mania,
Still exuberant,
But in a private space,
In my bathroom
In the ward,
In a bathtub
That does not fill up.
So I put on the shower
And I let the water hit my skin
And I took bite after bite
Of crisp and juicy apple slices.
I was at the mental hospital
Marilyn Monroe stayed in.
I imagined her here in the same bath
Also feeling luxurious and all sorts
Of ****** up like me.
Anais Vionet Nov 2020
What I love about Star Trek isn’t the plots or even the characters. It’s their casual, daily use of fantastic technologies (think replicators) - for them, the ordinary. It mirrors our own banal use of magic-like wireless, google searches and air travel.
We are marvelous monkeys.

I’m a teenager. I am new and agog - Jesus, I have a lot to learn. How are the many marvels that elevate our lives actually made? The millions of cars, the fuel distribution systems, our skyscrapers. Who thought of all this?
We’re marvelous monkeys.

We can almost cheat death - I saw Marilyn Monroe on TV last night.
It wasn't the real star - just the image of her purring sexuality. The her without the messy adopted-child neuroses, chemical dependencies, loneliness and deeper longings. But it's early days - her DNA is lying around here somewhere.
We’re marvelous monkeys.
what an amazing world we've made - not perfect - but not too bad - for monkeys.
Kurt Carman Nov 2016
"When power leads man toward arrogance, poetry reminds him of his limitations. When power narrows the area of man's concern, poetry reminds him of the richness and diversity of existence. When power corrupts, poetry cleanses." ~JFK
We miss you & your ideals Mr. President. RIP
Terry Collett Jul 2016
Where have you been?
Yehudit's mother said

Benny's place
Yehudit replied
(not thinking it
worth the risk
in lying about
where she'd been)


no his mum
was there
Yehudit said
not mentioning
lying on Benny's bed
listening to Elvis
and the kiss

what did you
do there?
her mother asked
eyeing her moodily

talked and listened
to records
Yehudit said
pushing the image
of her and Benny
on his bed

how is his mother?

she's ok
talked to us
about things
Yehudit said

what things?
her mother said
voice hardening
like granite words

about making cakes
and how
to decorate them
(Benny's mother
had said hello
and said they could
go to Benny's room
to listen to records)

is that all?
her mother said
like some Spanish
Inquisition interrogator

o yes and about
Benny's love affair
with Marilyn Monroe
Yehudit said

are you being
funny or rude?
her mother said

no it's true
he has photos
of Marilyn
in frames
in his room
Yehudit said
(2 photos
by his bed)

odd boy
her mother said
well seeing
as you are back
there are chores
to be done

Yehudit took off
her coat
and set to work
of Benny's lips
and kisses
on his bed
about her head.
Reine Monroe Jun 2016
The cessation of a sunset,
Red & blue skies fill my demon infested
My eyes are brown, my skin
Turns to red velvet...
With a blink of an eye I run,

Into the night I run,
Through the tall trees & into midnight...
My body is burning on the inside..
My hands are numb ,
My eyes are closed shut.

Into the night I run,
I run to farthest distance in an instant,
Hands & feet in a stance of insertity,
Hair tied ,
Face smashed with messiest of makeup,
Bleeding the red tears of the sinful red baby...

Into the night I run,
Running away from myself,
My present body and out of my skin,

Into the night I run,
Where no one can see me,
I scream the highest of voices
Screeching in hatred of the world...

Into the night I run,*
I run until I am one with the Sun...
And all that I am and what I was ,
Is finally done..
Beau Grey Apr 2016
With a little bit of bleach and a rounded ***
they think they can be Marilyn Monroe
but never strive high enough to **** a JFK,
instead they're down on their knees for a Trump
refreshing their Instagram.
ShenequaMonroe Mar 2016
I could live in your lap
But I rather reside somewhere deeper
I could live in your mind
But I rather make you feel me some place sweeter
Miss me like you never saw me
Want me like its what you never had
Both graduated with PHDs
Speaking knowledge when those head games are applied
I could submit to my knees
But I need to look into the eyes of the one..
I crave more of you than just fun
Quick nights and games with our tongues
Let the raw truth follow
After one night comes tomorrow
Then those lust filled lies become that much more hard to swallow
So until then..let me hold this lock
With infatuated anticipation hoping
You will insert your key inside my Pandora's Box
Get me off with the thoughts and energy of your touch and actions
Cause contractions inside the walls only you know
But you have yet to let it be known
That your lap is where I call home...
inspired by Andre 3000 and someone special
Zhivagos Muse Jan 2016
They call me 'fake',
Apparently too genuine for the masses to believe,
They grasp at any weapon,
To muddy the waters & deceive,

The Bible speaks of money,
And the lust it can incite,
They claw, destroy, froth at the mouth,
Morning, noon, & night.

How sad they cannot see,
More beauty in a single feather, fallen leaf upon the ground,
Simple treasures God created,
Worth more than any gemstone to be found.

Botox, fake *****, make-up by the gallon,
Ken & Barbie look-a-likes,
No thanks,
I'll take Marilyn & Jimmy Fallon.

Give me laugh lines, stories shared,
Later round a campfire, retold,
Calloused hands, scars, crevices,
Like vintage books,
Weather-worn, faded, old.

Nothing did we bring with us,
Nothing will we take,
Except our memories, cherished moments,
God's love, His promise,
His children, He will not forsake.

I'm just a simple artist,
Girl next door, no frills or bling,
Time, thoughtfulness, care, will win me over,
Surely not any earthly thing.

Point your fingers,
Kick dirt in my eyes,
The light within will stream through,
Despite all your vicious lies.

God is with me,
Whom shall I fear?
In time, He'll right all the wrongs,
I am his daughter,
Held precious, close, & dear.

The darkness came only to destroy,
But the light will forever prevail,
Jesus extends His hand upon a ship of gold,
Step on,
A new life...set sail.
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