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K Balachandran Aug 2018
Death comes water clad,
Distruction’s own water waves;
Monsoon’s killer rush!
Kerala reels in flood havoc that destroy habitats, **** people..obliterate homes!
Ashish Adhikari Aug 2018
Monsoon is beautiful. Rainstorm, thunder, lighting, all of it going at once.
You also have a lot of things going on in your mind.

People love monsoon. Why won't they love you?
We can always find a reason to love.
Lunar Jul 2018
drops of rain dripping down
my window pane.
no matter how fast they fall,
they never seem to finish.
i wait, slowly and painfully.
i look again at my reflection
on the window.
those aren't raindrops.
now, for whom are these tears?
monsoon season is in, once again. i'm feeling many emotions, twice too many. i think raindrops are equal to the bits of falling sand in an hourglass.

Ram Pradhan Jun 2018
The skies are leaden, with cooling breeze all over,
it is in the afternoon and I find the birds hover.
There is respite,
busyness of life despite.
It is monsoon my friend, coming with its full vigour.
K Balachandran Jun 2018
in a huff night left,
how darkness still lurks around?
monsoon slyly lies!
K Balachandran Jun 2018
monsoon casts a spell,
nature  subdued hibernates;
but wild is the wind!
Way Rest Jun 2018
Hear, there be whispers
Pitter patter
A hush
Of a chatter
Once or twice
A loud groan

Light is littered
Here and there
Darkness has the bigger share
flasSH !!
SLaashh !!
Sudden light– a spark
A mutable mark

The world shrouded
Under deep fog
The heavens–cotton crowded
It tears

Tears tears
It nears
The scent of life

Tears tears
Someone hears
The sibilant symphony

Tears tears
It clears
The sky
K Balachandran Jun 2018
Hey bright morning sun,
so earnest during monsoon;
on warmth runs the world !
K Balachandran Jun 2018
On the sky, cloud’s write,
The west wind reads it aloud:
‘Monsoon phantasy’!
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