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Mindy Belgard Jan 2019
They call them dream catchers
The ones that steal you away
They're hidden inside the pretty girls
Written on they're smiles
Twisted in they're spines
You can never really tell when they have you wrapped up in there web
They're hidden like a black rose in a red bouquet
Tossed to the curb worthless n fake
Dream catchers will caress you in a safety net of sweet sleep
They'll fill you with feelings
They'll make you feel safe
But dream catchers never give back the dreams built up by days and later by nights
She'll ****** you to stay and then she'll make you want to run away
Dream catchers are often gorgeously framed
There beauty is like no others they're beauty reals you in
Not knowing there silently hiding under cover
Lay low for awhile cover up words with a smile
Don't give in to the lust they pass off as trust
They only have one goal in mind
It's only a matter of time
They'll slip into your life sneak into your room they'll be waiting on your bed blending in with the seams
They look like Pretty girls and there Trying to catch your dreams
Mindy Belgard Feb 2018
Momma If I spoke to you would you listen
Even If I said I didn't think my heart could heal anymore

Momma don't you know that I don't feel anymore
That i don't even know what's real. Anymore
Roads getting bumpy but Jesus won't take the ******* wheel anymore
I don't want to breathe no more

Momma would you still love me
Even If you couldn't love yourself
Even tho I'm not who I was before
How did I get so self obsorbed
Can't even save myself from me

Momma don't try and remember who I used to be
Cas Try and try but I don't think I'll ever see
Anything remotely close to me
Your all that's left in me

Momma don't look at me
I'm begging you please
Cas I can't handle the fear In your eyes
Shining through deep inside of my lies
Swimming through feelings now numb and unwise
Can't see through my cleverly constructed  disguise

Momma don't hate yourself for these sins In me
There not your responsibility when there inside of me
I'm scared to death one day you'll run n hide from me
You dont know what I really need
I'm just a broken seed
No hope of flowering

Momma don't you hug me
Youll catch my disease
I'm not worthy
Of your endless loving me
I'm drowning in my own ****
God you must think I'm a *****

Momma Don't you cry over me
Your tears bring me to my knees
I don't want live
Cas I can't stop hurting you
And love is all you ever seem to give into

Momma don't you think that I don't love you
Im messed up broken old n used
My love is there I just don't know how to show it
Why am i here Momma I'm all confused
Every woman right in front of me your still the only one Id choose
As for me seems I'm always a lose
I ******* love you
I need you
Look at just what my greed can do
I wish I couldn't ******* read you
Disappointments on your face
And it's stapled to my waist
Stuck down in a place
I wish I couldn't decieve you

Momma don't you break for me
Just take a break from me
It's what's best for you can't you see
You did not sign up for this you can't afford my hidden fee
Once again for you I'm on my Knees
Prayin for answers give me anything Waiting all your life on me
To do anything

Momma don't give up on yourself
Cas I gave up on me
Give me Hate anger shame pity hopelessness and blame give it all to me let me take it all on for all your pain I've caused
I want make things right
Sometimes your re the only thing keeping me alive
Your far stronger then i could ever strive to be
I think your special but Maybe it's just a mother kind of thing

Momma your an angel and I am a rip in your wing
I'm really sorry for everything
Mindy Belgard Feb 2018
I should of left you years ago had I only known how much more pain you could actually cause me . If I'm getting honest perhaps i did know but I didn't want to admit it I wasn't ready I couldn't let you win to take power over me. I suppose I kinda got off on it the way you could make me feel incredible by eliminating my desire to feel at all. Or maybe I got off on the way you treated me always putting your needs ahead of mine the abuse and pain I believed I deserved. God how pathetic I was but I guess that's why it was so easy to get to know you to become devoured by your sweet seduction.. at the time I really needed you you saved me I guess that's why it's so hard to say goodbye to you as much as I truly sincerely ******* hate you and I do hate you I can't figure out how to escape the love I still will always have for you. You saved my life after all.. then you made it feel far from worth saving. I'm sorry it's been a good run but I'd say it's about time you've had this coming for awhile but I'd never been ready till now… and so I stand here hopeless Tired and ******* mad as hell to tell you it's time to go I'm ready to move on it won't be easy it isn't going to be easy but you win I surrender i am powerless over you and my life our life has become unmanageable I know when I'm with you that's the way it is.. so I'm leaving you to begin to pick up all the wreckage we made to buckle down and deal with my consequences for once in my life. And I have hope that one day I'll find someone better I'll be someone better and who knows I might even like me.. addiction you've been Dumped for Me so how does it feel? Wait you don't feel do you but don't worry I won't forget about you i couldn't I know your always there betting wishing waiting for me to **** things up expecting me to just come running back to you… and I know that will always be an option but right now I'm choosing life and feelings and depression and devotion and Hope never letting that Hope wonder to far away holding it close living Just for Today…..
Mindy Belgard Jan 2018
Two paths painted like art on a silk screen canvas
Caress' the ground directly in front of me
Voices debating which direction is right for me
Stuck there frozen in time
cold tired and worn
I know which path I want to lead but selfwill gets in the way of me
Who the hell put me in charge of me
My soul yearns for peace and success
yet my mind is stuck in its egotistical greed
while my hearts on the sidelines contemplating the meaning of life and wether its worth it struggling to succeed or if it's worthless should I just stick to greed
Life's about the journey but I'm not moving
Looking at the fork in the road feet glued in between the two paths
Trapt in self pity n doubt
I decided to spend my life considering which road to take
And so I died not knowing where either would lead
My soul evaporated as my body just decomposed but out of my ashes sproted a thorned rose reminding others just to walk right through whichever path will do because if you have you then you'll make it through but don t give up before you have the chance to loose...
Mindy Belgard Jan 2018
As I glanced over my shoulder trying to decipher whether or not I'm awake or asleep
I noticed out of the corner of my eye a puddle just inches from my feet
But when I tried to unsee what I had now seen
my reflection staring back at me whispers sound
And as I stared down at the insignificant puddle on the ground
I started to see how Cracks in the wet asfault helped depict the broken parts of me
In my reflection appearing shattered on the street
Broken hearts I grieve
Still staring back at me I wonder why I care about people when all they do is deceive
I look away from me for a moment
My sins are burning what soul is left in me
Prayin God can you hear me
not knowing if I even believe
God I'm trying to have faith in you but id like to know that you'd have faith in me too
Weight of your world but you put it all on my shoulders tired of this constant war when half the time I don't know what I'm fighting for don t really care if i win or loose
Well God if your real I'd like to tell you all I think is wrong with you
If I were in your shoes
God if I were you
This would not be the life id choose
If I had constructed humanity
I'd erase all the misery the hunger n greed
See your a lot to need you made me hypocritically
To be a decent human being strive to live selflessly while your getting off on a world of failure and pain our species suffering
their only hope is knowing your name taking their praise selfishly
My torn reflection from the puddle on the ground between my feet
Glances back at me
And although I see it's me it feels cold and empty soulless
like my hope it lays dying there on the street
If God is real then i attest he is ******* weak
Mindy Belgard Jan 2018
I remember the day that I died
She stated with certainty
How it felt to let go
Like a single drop of morning dew finally falling off the tip of a tiny blade of grass
Her soul collapsed
beneath her tired shoulders
Worn down by years of weight she had held there
The corners of her lips that she stapled to her cheeks in effort to fake a smile
Slid down to her chin
A gasp for air
Her head sunk and fell forward chin to her chest because falling to the side meant contemplating wether to fall left or right
And that was simply too much at this point
Her eyes never shut so she had never lost sight
She spoke on
And when my heart finally stopped I knew I'd be alright
Nowhere left to run n hide
My body went first heavy limp n cold
lifelessly it lied
Waiting watching not sure which was worse
Then it happened She had finally let go
After years of endless battles n war
And if I could choose to win I'd still rather loose I'm sure
My soul left my body seaping out from within every pore
I now know what I could've never known before
At peace now no more fear
Only this she didn't speak with words
But we all felt what she intended we hear
Mindy Belgard Mar 2016
You are my sleepless nights
You're my 2 am cigarette
I lay myself down and you seap in
Your sent lingers in my pillows
And wakes my soul as it travels through..
Your eyes branded on the walls around
They watch as you tear through my tired body
I feel your smile sending twisted chills to all nerve endings
You run marathons inside my head as I try to still...
And I give in to you
Staring at the ceiling watching the time pass feeling the sleepless nights rising with the sun
Your the ringing in my ears when all is silent
You're all of the mistakes I want to make
But until I meet you.
You'll remain just another sleepless night ceiling staring dying to dream and rest my eyes
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