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M-E Jan 19
....I need to write this down
I need a pen, no, I need a book
I don't need anything at all
                               I need to think
   I made my life a poem, a novel
   Or nothing at all; Impossible

                               I need to write
How to enjoy my life
Standing on a sharp edge of the knife
So I wrote;
                I drew a straight chronoLINE
On its sides I drew buildings
A city in my psyche, prosper and grow

I wasn't much of a reader
So I read to write
So whenever I think, I think Gibran
On life, smiles and tears
Way over my league but I try

But, when I linger and cry
Poe's raven cawed 'Nevermore'
And when I am depressed
I feel..laying on Anne Sexton's grass of blades
But I..remember other's changing words like Daniel Moore's

Whenever I feel HAPPY
I become the king, the stone
Of R.L.Stevenson and Dickinson
So I read and write
        Sweep and rinse; making sense??

When I wander I wander with Whiteman to be inspired
And inspire others with my writings
As I am inspired

I need to write Yeats
So whenever I write, while I am sleepy
I write my tender dreams
M-E Jan 9
Just a wanderer in the streets
Days driving in slow motion
As public transportation
Buses or trains
In the roads I call my veins
Signs of temptation
On every grocery store
I opened the padlocks
On every bookstore
Opened the windows and the doors
Fighting the urge for more
I can't take it anymore
Cried as if traffic lights went green
Stop. I am not giving up.
I need to write it
The wanderer is still struggling, fighting, wandering.
M-E Dec 2018
I wanted to live the american dream
But my dream is homesick
Years later and here I am
Just a wanderer
In the cemetery of dreams
Christened on billiard paper
Lo and fro, oh no
Love comes to the town again
And I am rendered spent
A recalcitrant pen begging,
"God knows when,
He'll hurt my beard, rest me deep under again"

Mother! Mother!
Hear my forlorn screams
They are inauthentic
They yearn to be redeemed

Father, you, sister!
Watch this cold hand
They were born spastic
Neutered with a brand

A brand that loves to burn alone
A brand that seethes, kiss the bone
Take me to a walk in your grove
I couldn't do anything in your cove
Just a lover's weary shove
Until you take me above
There, the night will reign with a shadow
M-E Dec 2018
When I was a child, so many wonders and questions rise up to my grip-sized head
"Mommy. Where I come from?"
"Daddy. Why the sun is yellow and the sky is blue?"
"Mommy. Will I die like Grandpa? When?"
"Daddy. Why you are my dad?"
"Daddy. Why this coin can buy everything I want from the grocery store?"
Now, I just keep reminding myself that I ve got a rent to pay and a mouth to feed.

I started few months ago writing some thoughts while going to work or wandering in the streets and I thought to share it with you guys. :)
Woke up from a dream,
only a memoir.
Derrek Faraday Dec 2018
On the evening of August 6th
The body is separated, eviscerated
Stone walls
Lost thralls
A family takes their evening stroll
And finds themselves imprisoned
Their umbilical cord, cut down the half
Microwave oven
Searing monsoon shower
Vagrant feet are shackled
Eyes are blinded with exhaust pipes
The East is not allowed to cry alone
Decay, wail on
Wail on
Contain us
Dear Marcus, free me
From these Pyrrhic victories
Clean this dusky mall
I feel safe under phosphoric lights
Guerillas swing on electric wires
Transatlantic conversations
Acquired on paper
Red cloth seizes everything
Stray, running felines
The impassioned, waving flag
Kept in a velvet pocket
Stay here, stay a while
This cold era is a rising draft
The Bermuda Triangle
No more ships crawl along the winded shore
A time capsule
The nation sinks into antiquity
The brink of armageddon
Cusp of oblivion
Crimson hand of eternity
An old, whittled clock
Last minute
Cold Turkey!
God almighty
Peace is never promised
But we may yearn again
Nobody is free
But we are safe for another hour
God almighty
Leases on the lands
Paid in thorns
Nations playing circles
Mr. Versus Mr.
An ever-changing world
Stagnant and tightly oiled
Save this soil
It will cave in silence
The clockmaker sits in the backdrop
Readying her tools
cassie marie Nov 2018
there once was a girl
she wasn't as she seemed
she was kind, sweet, superbly smart and had a massive sweet tooth

There was a boy
he was exactly as he seemed
polar opposite of the girl
rude, failing grades, hated sweets in all forms

but they came together one day
it was like the stars aligned for them
it was a sudden connection
he was sweet to her
and she was amazing to him

he wanted to know everything about her
he wanted to feel the form of her body
he wanted to be in her mind
he wanted to know how a heart,
so broken and crushed
could still love

she wanted to know how someone
as amazing, sweet, and beautiful as he,
could love a broken girl like her.
she wasn't like other girls
she learned from the pain
she learned to never let it bug you
she has only told her story once
about all the madness behind the beauty

they finally got together
oh what a pair they were

the human body has 2 ears
2 eyes
and 2 lips
and 1 heart
she believed it was because the heart was independent
he believed it was because we were meant to find the other half

she broke him
the firey eyes he once had
were now burned out.
she said it was because she lost feelings
but you see the thing is
if you truly love someone,
how do you just stop loving them?

how do you wake up one day and decide you are no longer in love?
how do you leave the person who has been there for you
he never understood why she left him
he thought she was a flame
a flame to join his flaming heart

but what he didn't know
was that she was the bucket of water
to put out his burning heart.
also plot twist lol
Derrek Faraday Oct 2018
Alaska is a cold place, where I met my love
Though memory eludes me, know that,
The girl I met from a number of miles away
Whom I grew to love as we took turns shouting
She is as true as the piercing gale
She is as warm as she is pale

I let her go from a great height, into the depths of the Pacific
And watched her fall into the chasm
She did not fret or stare, but closed her palms 
I smiled and cried happiness until the sea was filled
She is as true as a dying mill
She is as warm as she is still

We are so cavalier, the world in a waltz 
As we shoot a parade of bullets in threes
These crimes! It is the blissful appeal of watching
Humanity itself die, for the sake of one human
She is as true as I
She is warm as we fly

We speak of stories as borealis enshrouds us
Her stories would have us freeze the world over
I gawked and adored her beautiful mind
But I would later be her fool 
She is as true as an aimed gun
She is as warm as she is undone

She did not keep up with her age too well
Our crusades had stalled her mind and then
I knew she would not stand for me to dream without her
We would not have the world to ourselves again
She is as true as our last winter stroll
She is as warm as the coldest atoll 

Alaska is a cold place, where I lost my love
Though memory erased her, I know this much
I would have frozen her in time
Just to rule the world a little while longer
I don't hold regret for the deaths we brought
I write her, holding the same thought
Blade Maiden Sep 2018

I want
my heart on a platter
so I can see the ins and outs
Want the act to matter
See it mirrored, my mouth, it shouts

Feels like
standing in front of the mic
singing of losing track of time
remembering this certain chime

Means I
don't really know how to defy
feeling lost in the rubble
of uncertainties and trouble

I hide
behind buckets full of the tide
I filled when the ocean didn't look
all I could see I took

I keep
time in a place safe and deep
live inside a moonlit jar
an ocean filled reservoir
read my own memoir
and said au revoir
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