pluviophile Sep 21
if only you could ever know what you've done to me

ink stained my skin from where i wrote hate letters to myself

scars line my skin from where i tried to cut out everything i hated about myself

fat clings on my bones for dear life because i tried to starve it off

pain still flows along with my blood, traveling from my mind to my heart

if only it could leave with all the blood i tried to lose
pluviophile Sep 4
you are like the sun
i might be flying too high
wanting you
you are further than i can reach
but close enough to hurt me
i can feel you melting my wax as
i come closer longingly
ignorant of my own doom
because i only realized
how little i knew you
so as i make a last attempt
my own wings tear apart
and i'm left
falling alone
pluviophile Sep 4
my dreams aren't shattered
i'm not devastated
i just realized
that what my dreams are
might just always be dreams
and it's time to focus on reality
pluviophile Aug 27
i'm immediately consumed
by the darkness around me
and i look for an escape
behind me is the light outside
but i can barely reach it
it's so close
but running away
i can only move forward
into the unknown
and i already regret it
pluviophile Jun 12
the most sarcastic side of me
is like a bully in my head
every time mom said that she loves me
the bully replies
do you really though?
  Jun 5 pluviophile
no apology
just sleep

what a strange

❤ to Medusa  ❤

Hecate is the bridge between the ancient
world & the ancient, ancient world... I
kinda did the math & it seems Medusa
lived during three Golden Ages. the first is
the most primitive comprised of monsters,
that accounts for her two older sisters, air
& water spirits led by Chaos; then came the
Titans & their world, which is what is in the
Edda of Norse mythology & Wagner; followed
by the Olympians, the last Golden Age, before
history proper began thousands of years later
w/ Classical Greece & the philosophers; what
the Romans did was to filter Greek & Etruscan
myth through the Spartan martial code while
ignoring the super-advanced critical thinking
called philosophy that went on in Athens that
anticipated ideas that are just now in our century
being proven correct & may be the very ideas
that rescue us from Spartan-Roman-Zulu-Nazis
who think like zombies; I'd rather be an ESP ❤
wielding poet any day; (                                    )
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