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pluviophile Sep 2019
i'll always be here
like a sunflower follows the sun

i lost myself trying
to find you when you are gone

i'll never stop caring
even after all that you've done

even though you are a ghost
pluviophile Aug 2019
how am i supposed to forget about you
when the possibility of rekindling what we had still lingers
i’m scared to let go
in case you haven’t yet
and we can salvage what we have left
pluviophile Aug 2019
when you needed me
i skipped class for you
i skipped sleep for you

when i needed you
you skipped over me
pluviophile May 2019
why am i sensitive to criticism
maybe it's because of my mom
every time i open myself up to be rated
i instead get berated
pluviophile Apr 2019
to be a writer
you have to be bored
and trap yourself in your own mind
you have to think your way out of the box you are locked in
so you write
you become someone else
someone more intelligent
more capable
ink flows with their blood
as you become them
you feel their pain
and become addicted to it
so you give them some more
and it becomes too much for you to handle
but you can't stop
so you share it
share it with other people who absorb the pain like drugs
who are addicted like alcoholics
as you write
you begin to find yourself
you find that you really are addicted
and how unhealthy it is
so you try to make it better
you started writing as a way to escape
but now it's your own cage that you painted
you really do make it better
it's not as satisfying as the pain
but you are free
and as you drift off
finally out of your enclosure
you experience withdrawals
you unconsciously pick up our pen and journal
and begin scribbling again
it's simply a nesting doll of boxes that you can't escape
and then once you realize
that writing is the key to this endless loop of relief and pain
and you accept it
that's when you become a writer
pluviophile Apr 2019
my hair flows
like the delicate music
that keeps the suicidal thoughts at bay
pluviophile Mar 2019
it's all about balance
people who appear neutral outside
seem to be neutral inside
maybe that's why i'm so sad
while acting so happy
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