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On his wedding night,
He was called to fight.
His bride was pretty,
Yet it felt just right.
"A call by your nation,
To serve a generation".

He grabbed his weapon heading to battle.
She stood at bay, to say goodbye.
"Come soon soldier, a warrior grows in me." She cried.
It's too late now, his ears denied.

He left a soldier,
But came a hero.
He left a man,
But came a father.

9:20 am, a knock was heard.
She raced the door and saw a bird.
"Your husband was gallant, but fell to rest."
She hugged her warrior, so tight to her breast.
The misery of death is to fight someone's war.
War *****!
Aa Harvey May 2018
Zero heroes

Whatever happened to the heroes?
Those that we used to adore.
I need somebody to tell me,
Where do they go when they’re about to fall?

Whatever happened to the heroes?
Where are they now?  Nobody knows.
Where did they all choose to go?
I guess I lost all my heroes.
They all seem to fade away in the end.
Whatever happens to the ego’s?
When we decide they have let us down.
I guess things will never be the same again; oh no.

We were surrounded by infamy,
But now they’re all so sweet; no-one is angry.
They’re all so nice it makes me want to scream!
Get back on your star and let us once more dream.
Why does this happen to our heroes?
We want to love them like we did all those years ago.
But something happens to our heroes;
No more shouting loud, they’re all so mellow.
Whatever happened to our heroes?
They change with time; they all fall or die.
Our heroes change in our life time;
I wish I could go back and see them in their prime…
I want to go back in time.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Cheryl Wang Mar 2016
they say
if you reach too close
to the sun

you fall
to the depths
of the ocean below

like icarus
on his wings of melting wax.

— The End —