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Pulse Jun 9
there are hundreds of languages to say i love you in,
and you only ever say those three words in the fake ones.
guilt-ridden and poisonous and acid-tipped tongue,
dripping and corrosive and destructive.
I love you is synonymous for i hate you
and i love you means I'm sorry
and i love you means you'll never do it again
and i love you is a lie
Ryan Joseph Aug 2018
The truth is; innocence is now a crime,
Ignorance is bullied now a times,
Liberation is a new thing,
Posting and loving themselves is the new trend,
Lurking in the shadow of popularity.

While people misunderstand,
The need of a filthy hand,
Ask for kindness, yet denied,
Suffering and ending in pain,
In the world not counting them in.

Money is everything ,
Economy is rising,
Beauty of nature is vanishing,
Buildings are gigantic,
forgetting what is given.
innocence nowadays is a crime as well?
harmony crescent May 2015
I sent you on a guilt trip
Paid all the expenses too
I sent you on a guilt trip
Here's some cash,
Go spend it on someone new
Dated some **** and this is how I responded
He told me once, and I'll never forget
"If it's a guilt trip you need, then take it
But don't drag me in, as if it's the end,
And remember that life's what you make it."

I've broken that rule, oh, so many times
I've bent and abused it, too
But as long as I remember that I need His help
He loves me, and He's who I come back to.

— The End —