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One love,
Two hearts,
This much I thought was true.
Three words,
Four affairs,
Five lies- the most hurtful being,
"I love you."
Chalsey Wilder Sep 2015
I know how maddening it is to listen
But it's ten times worse when you're the one talking

Crazy talk right?
It's even more questionable when you walk it
So unbelievable to the non-crazies

Hopefully my memory never fails me
The Wordsmith Aug 2015
Reality is treacherous.
Its conformity is maddening, and the rules insanely sane,
The walls of uniformity are clouded with illusions that seem delusional,
And freedom and constrictions seem one and the same,
I am a dreamer, yet I fancy myself a creator,
I build worlds from the shards of a life that lacks flavor,
I prefer the freedom of love, hope and death,
And I crave the obsession of life and birth,
I am a dreamer, and so a world of facts and truths I shun,
I am a dreamer, a dying race, under the setting sun.
But the optimism of a dreamer is maddening,
Filled with hopes and dreams that are inherently saddening,
I am a wordsmith, a romantic and some might say a visionary,
Creating universes and queens from the extraordinary,
I am a romantic, and I desire the audience of the stars,
I am a romantic, and carved on the walls of my heart are a million scars.
I am a wordsmith, building walls from worlds torn at the seams,
I am a dreamer, fleeing from the banality of life through my dreams.
Shut up, stop shouting!!
You're ranting blocks up my ears and thumps my brain.

Stop shouting!!
You're harsh words blacken the walls around you, I see nothing but bones and rust.
Your voice is like barbed wire and your eyes are that of a demon
Demanding me to impale myself with the blade but I won't do it!!

I won't.
I won't.

Shut up!!!
I beg you to stop. Your demanding too much!!
I'm strong in my mind, I'm sure,
You can't hurt me.

He can't!
I can't!
He can't hurt me!

It's been 72 days, 23 hours, 17 minutes and 35 seconds now and you still won't go away.
Maybe there's only way to end it but I can't!

I can't!
I won't!
Please read my poem "The Doctor" before/after this to understand it.
Randi G Dec 2014
Love is so sad.
Love is not a melody
That drifts all through
The wind. It’s a soft
Hum that intensifies
And becomes maddening.
Love is hard and rare
It gets worse as it goes on.
People live their lives for love
But really, it only helps
You forget the rest of
What is wrong.


— The End —