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Every second feels like a minute,
Every minute feels like an hour,

Every sip slows me down like
All the time that dies
Slowly around me.

Every sip I need to sink down and
Suffocate voices deafening within.
Every word you spat, they won't Stop.
Every light that flashes isn't you
Every moment passes with your

Every moment needs to be soaked in alcohol for me to see tomorrow.
Every sip helps me forget how
Each moment will pass without You.
Two bands on your wrist,
Both different languages but both say,
Home, my home that you made your own.
You sit on the edge of your seat, controller in hand as you run around on screen and scream at a ball that's not really there but I love you for it!

I'm in the kitchen kneading dough watching you smile listening to you call out to me.

We've been through so much, grown together without growing apart.

It's our moments of love that I cherish the most. The kisses and the way you hold me is what I miss most. The way you make me laugh and how complete you make me feel.

I always leave a piece of me behind when I leave you...
only feel complete in those moments when we're together,
Together in a moment of love.
Guy and Donald visit me
in the hospital grounds
where I sit in a wheelchair
in the warm sun.

My blind eyes
look towards each one
as they speak.

Philip's away
a few days
he told us
but he'll be back
within the week
Guy says.

Where has he gone?
I ask.

Can't say
hush hush
but he'll be back
Guy says.

Back safe
Donald adds.

Where is safe
in this war?

Good point
Guy says
taking my hand
but he will back.

How are you
getting along?
Donald says.

I am to be measured
for artificial legs
I am told
I say.

That'd be good
Guy says
back on your
feet again.

Not my feet though
I reply
I'll have to fit them
on each day
and take them off
at night before bed.

You'll manage
Guy says
you are
a determined woman
who knows her mind.

Am I?
not sure I have
that mind any more
lost my legs
and my sight
and Clive.

Someone up there
has it in for me
I say.

Yes the Germans
Donald says
and you will
show them
you have courage
and will not
let them
see you down.

I wipe my eyes
with a handkerchief
from my
dressing gown pocket.

Shall we push you
around the grounds?
Guy says.

It is all
the same to me
I can't see anything
I say.

It is silent
for a few moments.

Look Grace
we have to go
keep your chin up
Guy says.

Yes be strong
Donald says.

Then they go
after kissing my cheek
and I sit feeling
undone and weak.
Like a blossoming flower the story unfolded before my tiny eyes,
the screen consumed the room from wall to wall.
My little eyes were rapt by the glow,
entranced by the colour and music,
enveloped completely.
Sparkles of magic seemed to twinkle in my eye and through to
My heart, forever they would prevail.

Sat next to me, the man of my young life, my Dad, my hero.
Every Saturday he'd take me by the hand and we'd embark on adventures to lands unknown, far off places immersed in fantasy.
This particular Saturday would enthrall me more than any other in my three young years, embedding itself in my memory.

It was a tale as old as time, and as I'd find my own years passing by
the tale proved timeless.
The colour and music could whirl around me, each swirl melting away the layers of time until there were just three and
I found myself in that cinema once more,
eyes beaming and heart beating.

Even though my Dad is still my hero and key to who I am,
there's a new man in my life who sits next to me now as the story unfolds on screen once more.
I find myself with my own tale developing,
There's a Beauty, and there's a Beast, but they're not restricted to
Within each of us we have beauty and we each have a beast,
Our tales have unwound and intertwined to become
We find the beauty in each other and tame our beasts,
There is no other I could imagine writing my story with, not
Remake of a popular movie brought back some old memories and brought on some new ones.
If your dream is to get married,
Yet his is not,
Do you give up your dream,
Or the guy you can't live without?

For what use is it to be married,
To anyone but him,
Such happiness would not be found
With anyone else, for the sake of a ring.
Troubling thought burning my mind. Needs more attention to make proper sense!
I'm lying here staring out the window,
The ground is not moving and
The house is not shaking.
Silence fills the air
Broken by the odd neighbour talking,
Not screaming,
The odd car purring past,
Not exploding,
Or the odd child laughing as the play,
Not crying
As they die.

I don't lie here on rubble
Or choke on dust and ash,
I know where my friends and family are,
And I'm not exactly strapped for cash.

I'll sigh this evening about work tomorrow
But at least I know I can get there in one piece,
That the building will most definitely be there and that the children I teach
Will arrive safely with all that they need,
And while we might groan about the daily grind
There are people, human beings, in Aleppo,
To whom that is all a distant memory in their mind.
Still trying to come to terms with how we're letting children die.
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