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Haueru Nov 2020
It hit me like a wild boar
I'm glad the worst came to pass
These battle wounds left me high and dry
Cuts so deep
A master swordsman would glee
Bleeding overflowing to fill a river pass
With all your delusions of Grandeur
I promise you I will survive
I did survive
Broken bone won't sway me
My dry heart won't stop me
My soul forever unyielding
You came crashing
But I'm still standing.
Haueru Oct 2020
The honeymoon phase was so innocent and yet so vibrant
Once the foundation cracked
It turned ugly
The fights was always savage
Love turned in need and comfort
Once the storms settled
You was the only one left standing
I was in my puddle heartless
Seeing you walk away from this war
Put me in a frenzy in my heart you took
I wanted nothing more but
you to crash and burn
A love so intense that if it wasn't me
I would destroy your entire being .....
Simply I can't bring myself to..
I just want back what you stolen
My heart so I can throw it away..
Words' Worth Oct 2020
Its easy to say
That's you're in love
But's its difficult
I know you have fallen
Out of it
Its the sky that
Brings us thunder
And keeps the rain
In the eye of the storm
Like a boat in
The warm waters
Those waves are
Oh, so cold
After the torrents
Of broken clouds
Make their way down
We'll sail away into
The horizon
Haueru Sep 2020
I'm being consumed
Can't breathe
I need to be alone
But scared to be lonely
What irony
I want peace; all I give is chaos
Such pathos
I want to be held
And I need to hold
But at the moment
I'm standing on my own Ten toes
My lies disguise my truth
Maybe to protect you or
Maybe to hide me,
I don't know this feeling
Such euphoria and loathsome...
Why  won't a mirror cast my reflection.
annh Oct 2020
They speak to the madman,
Suppression, subversion, detraction,
A vocabulary of ‘less than’.

They speak to the madman,
To the loveless and the wounded,
The self-doubting ego.

They speak to the madman,
A consort of shadows,
Recurrent with paradox.

Until, uncertain as to the integrity of my own thoughts,
Understudied by self-censure and distrust,
I pause to listen in the silence which listens back.

‘My friend, I am not what I seem. Seeming is but a garment I wear — a care-woven garment that protects me from thy questionings and thee from my negligence. The "I" in me, my friend, dwells in the house of silence, and therein it shall remain for ever more, unperceived, unapproachable.’
- Khalil Gibran, The Madman
Ryan Clark Jun 2016
A gust of wind
blows a lone leaf.
Without its roots
it solemnly flies;
Finding nurishment
in these new lands.
Tis a bitter sweet sentiment
for the wind
shall soon return
wisking away
the lonely leaf
and sharing it
with the world.

Every new place
brings new blessings.
A temporary warmth
that sooths
the soul.
It finds companions;
Yet truly
owns no home.
The moments are fleet
as a single heartbeat.
Another gust,
and again,
it flys alone.

the lonesome leaf
shall one day sleep
beneath the trees,
Taking root
in a loving place
for it to keep;
by the stars.
Untill the day
it makes its way,
Its 3am here in Madrid. Ive spent the past 30 minutes thinking this up. Ive tried to write others recently but its been hard to find my feelings. I want to put something up and i feel this is as close as it gets. My heart is a poet, but I'm lost to myself and forgot how to translate its language
Tony Tweedy Jun 2020
Sometimes I remember just how my heart did feel,
and it reminds me how, love used to be something real.
Back in the days my heart and mind were still young.
When I could hope and dream of sharing love with someone.

It seems so long ago and oh so far away.
Years ago before I came to despise each day.
Back in the days my heart and mind were still young.
When I could hope and dream of sharing love with someone.

So many lonely hours trying to find out what went wrong.
When did I become deaf and to afraid of life's sweetest song?
Wish I could go back when my heart and mind were still young.
When I could hope and dream of sharing love with someone.

Life is an empty thing without a love to share.
And a future is nothing without someone to care.
Wish I could go back when my heart and mind were still young.
When I could hope and dream of sharing love with someone.

Once I had a dream that I would know loves embrace.
And love would take us to our own special place.
But my mind and heart are no longer young.
And mind and time tell me there will be no one.
I pictured this to a soundtrack of mournful lament... violin, piano... and sorrow.
Tony Tweedy Jun 2020
It is not as sad to die alone.... (relief, escape, freedom, end)
As it is to live alone and die the slow lonely death of never giving the love you wish to share and feel.
It is a sadness that only the bearer can know for the witnesses only ever saw loneliness' outer shell if they even noticed at all.
I could love you.... so easily would I do so.
Brave Wilson Jun 2020
You say she's cold, but what does that mean?

Is she as cold as the breeze rubbing against your skin making you regret not putting on that hoody you detest.

Or is she the cold found on the other side of your pillow on a hot summers night.

You see, sometimes you need someone "cold" in your life when your just too damaged to handle the warmth that comes with real love...
- Sometimes we 're not ready for "Good"
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