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morallygray Oct 12
The truth is
You'll die without ever knowing my face
morallygray Sep 12
When I stepped into your room
On your bed where we used to love
It took everything I had to not cry
A hand covering below my eyes
To not let you see the emotion fall
Along my face
So devoid of anything
I'm sorry I left without a word
Don't be scared to make a mistake, you'll feel better knowing you tried
morallygray Sep 3
Can you feel the heat
That radiated off you
That followed you
As you left
It slowly died
With every step you took
Away from me
morallygray Sep 3
If not a window then by thoughts may i float
In the sky or the thin pocket of air that surrounds my brain
My ears scream at me everyday so you won't have to
I tremble and clutch anything that you may have approached
The speed limit sign waving back at me
"Andale, andale"
As the feeling in my fingers concede
So does my arms
then walking can't occur and lay as i have these past months
morallygray Aug 2
We often start a poem with you or I
Sometimes unintentionally
It just goes to show
How much the soul needs another person
morallygray Dec 2020
The hell that so many say awaits us
Is right at our feet
We survive it everyday
morallygray Nov 2020
I wonder why
Why a sunset evokes so much emotion
I sat on a hill facing one
I knew it would be back the next day
But it felt like the world was ending
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