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morallygray Oct 18
I became obsessed
So enveloped within the minutiae
That I was blind to what was in front of me
Squandered any chance of reconciliation
A prayer extend my word
Let it lay upon her ear
May this distance serve me
And may she be healed
I would give 100% for her to smile
morallygray Sep 2
May we draw a dream
A photo in a field
Can we share what we've seen
And your love I may wield
Perhaps a game where we die
A picnic where we say nothing
We can let our pet birds fly
Just give me something
morallygray Aug 28
If ever struck with the frigid end
I hope we may meet again
If not by fate then by chance
And may you run to me
In this field of flora
Never to worry again
You and I
Till our end's end
morallygray Aug 16
Do you ever wonder
The answer to a question
That your brain knows
But your heart ignores
morallygray Aug 9
Grace my presence
Give way in a field of flowers
Allow me to carry you
A kiss whilst spinning
Just like the movies
The sweat betwixt our hands
The petrichor from the rain
Lest we grow apart
Don't let go
morallygray Jul 30
A whisper in your ear
One last time
If it all were to cease
Would I cross your mind
Past that initial time?
For me
You'd be that sunset
The one that never goes away
Would you notice
The star that has already faded
Its light barely reaching your eyes
morallygray Jul 16
Under the threshold is the water of the abyss
I worry I may drown at times
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