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Katelyn Jun 2017
You are beautiful.
You are wonderful.
Being you, makes me feel so happy.
Just by being you, this may sound sappy..
You, the only person I've ever wanted.
I love you, my love.
To my love.
Hailyn Suarez May 2017
she's a jumping bean,
bouncing off walls,
breaking in her velvet muscles.

a princess crown encompasses her cranium,
eyelashes like butterfly wings,
fluttering in a breeze.

wearing tic-tacs for teeth,
a smile designed by blind men's hands,
construction of a masterpiece.

eyes aglow with eagerness,
bleeding aquamarine,
flooding my pupils with luminosity.

giggles like dandelion seedtips,
a supplementary appendage,
attached to my forearm.

she blankets me in gentle bear hugs,
curling around like pink yarn,
frayed at the edges.
written at the dining room table
Lavina Akari Aug 2013
August 12, 2013

right now I am looking at the sky
and watching each star appear one by one
as the night progresses

I have seen three shooting stars
beautiful, sparkling diamonds crying

did you know?
that when you wish upon a shooting star
you're a million years late
because the light from the stars have
taken so many years to burst through
into our Earths sight
and we experience its beauty
when it is too late

I guess people can be like that too
they are nice to you but you do not care
and after they are gone, and it is too late
you see the light in them
and realise how beautiful they are
but there is nothing you can do

— The End —